National Capital Secondary School Athletic AssociationTrack and Field Meet

What a week!  Two high school soccer games, my regular club soccer practices,  two days at the National Capital Secondary School Athletic Association Track and Field Meet plus all my homework.  I hardly had the chance to go to Taekwon-do and I really miss it.

The meet was for the those students who qualified at last week’s meet.  Every meet they eliminate more and more competitors so it gets harder each week.  According to the Ottawa Citizen I won the ‘Overall Female Midget Athlete’ for the second week in a row.  I even got medals for that 🙂

I just hope I can qualify at next week’s meet which is for Eastern Ontario.  Apparently that is where the real competition starts since it’s the top athletes from further distances.  I was told that the girls from the Valley put a lot of emphasis on their training  for this event.  I obviously want to qualify since that means I would get to compete at OFFSA in June in Sudbury.  I also have no disillusions about the lack of experience I  have so I have to be realistic.  So many competitors are involved in Track and Field City teams and get really good coaching that specialize in field events and that is who I will be competing against.

I am the type of person that if I am going to compete in something then I’ll give it my 100%.   It’s not about the winning – it’s about learning and challenging myself.  Every time I tell myself I’m just going to try a sport ‘just for fun’ it always turns into more since I get frustrated until I learn how to do something properly.  I don’t seem to know how to ‘not care how I do’.

I love the fact that you always try to beat your own personal best so there is always the satisfaction.  On the other hand my throws aren’t consistent enough for me to be confident at all.   Since it’s the long weekend I asked to borrow all the equipment.  I spent several hours at the track yesterday with my grandpa.  To be honest I was getting frustrated since I don’t really know what I’m doing and I don’t want to repeat the wrong form over and over or it just makes it that much harder to correct.  I use visualization all the time for TKD but since I’m not really sure the proper technique of throwing I’m not sure what I’m supposed to visualize.

I have no problem doing the same drills over and over to improve since I’m used to that with my TKD patterns.  I actually like seeing the improvement but I’m not seeing much improvement with my throws and I don’t know if I’m doing them properly.  I’ve been watching youtube videos for some guidance.

It was raining so hard at the Meet I don’t have any pictures but my mom took some at the track while I was practicing.

If I can qualify for OFFSA this week I will try to get some more coaching but if I don’t qualify then at least it’s been really cool to get this far and I’ll keep trying next year.  I really had no idea how technical the field events were.

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  1. Still love reading your updates. I see your number one fan was there cheering you on! Grampa is so proud!

  2. Thanks for continuing to read! I know how lucky I am to have Grandpa by my side and I don’t take it for granted. It means so much to me and my friends always tell me how lucky I am too 🙂 So many of them never get to see their grandparents.

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