National Capital Girls Invitational Soccer Tournament

This was the last week that I was a councilor at the summer taekwon-do camp.  I have to admit I’m looking forward to sleeping in past 6:00 am next week!   I probably won’t miss that. The last three weeks have been great with all the training and now I’m looking forward to having some time with friends during the day and then training in the evenings.

I played 6 soccer games over the last three days in the National Capital Soccer Tournament.  There was a lot of great competition since we played teams came from Barry, different parts of Toronto and Ottawa.  We  were so excited to win 5 of out the 6 games which left us with the First Place!  I really missed my two teammates who are injured.  Adriana had her surgery two weeks ago and is working hard with her physio. She was supporting us from the side lines.  Hopefully Ali will be back soon from her knee injury since she is my partner in crime playing defense with me 🙂  HURRY BACK!!  Our two call ups did a really good job for the tournament.

I tried to use all the ‘mental tools’ that I’ve been learning in TKD to help me this weekend on the soccer field.  Mr. LeGrow and Master Lan have taught me the importance of  never under-estimating my opponent or getting  psyched-out just by passed statistics. What happened yesterday is over – focus on today,  right now!

This is also very true for soccer.  No team ever plays the same twice.  There are always changes in teams, different call-ups, training schedules or injuries that affect the team and their performance. You can only be responsible for your own performance.  This is more complicated when it’s a team and not an individual sport.  That’s where the trust in your teammates comes in.

Just like in Sparring you have to play each game 100% for every single minute since it’s not over until the last whistle blows.  Anything can happen!  Just because you are winning in the first half doesn’t mean you can slack off.  Anyone can have a strong strong come back.  It depends on who wants it more.   I know this is all common sense stuff but I like to remind myself about it before I do any sport.  Knowing something and being able to follow-through with it can be the tough part if you don’t work at it all the time  🙂

The weekend was really fun but I have a feeling  I won’t be able to feel my legs for a couple days. I loved having my whole family there cheering my team on and it was great that my Aunt Dais came to watch too.

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