My March Break

It is the end of  March Break and I’m tired and sore!  This week I was a camp counselor for the Blackburn Taekwon-Do Camp.  It was so much fun but hard work. It started at 8:30 in the morning until 4:30 in the afternoon. Every day there was intense cardio conditioning and hours of patterns and sparring.  I also trained in the evening if  Mr. LeGrow, my instructor needed help with the little dragons which is for younger children to get them ready for a normal class. I love teaching them because they are so full of excitement and spunk.  I also helped Mr. LeGrow during a test for two  junior belts. When I could, I trained in the evening during the regular  classes.  I loved helping out with the camp and it was a great way to spend my March Break.  Not only was it a great experience teaching the kids, I also gained so much excellent training for myself.

This week I actually took the bus for my very first time.  I had to be at the bus stop before 7:00 am to get there on time.  I never even get up that early for school!  I think it was a great idea so my mom and dad wouldn’t have to drive me there and back twice a day and now I know I can do it all summer as well.  I was so nervous but at the same time really excited.  I learned three very important things about taking the bus….

1. When taking the bus, wave the bus down so they realize that you would like to get on.  I learned that they will pass you and not stop to let you on.  Oops.

2. When wanting to get off the bus, it is important to press the stop button on the poles or grab the string above you. If you don’t, they will not stop at the bus stop, because they don’t know that anyone wants to get off.   Bad idea not to press the button.  Oops.

3. Always remember your bus tickets. If you don’t have them, you will not be getting on the bus. The first day I forgot to take the bus tickets from my mom.  I missed the bus while she went to go get them and I had to wait for the next one. Oops.

So as you can see, this week has been full of excitement, hard work and brand new experiences (in and out of the dojang).   I had a blast.  Thanks Mr. LeGrow.

I had today off  which was great to spend time hanging out with my girlfriends but tomorrow I will be back at the dojang for more Black Belt Competition training all afternoon.

This time next week I will be competing at the Eastern Canadian Championships. Yahoo!