My Curiosity for Javelin Has Taken Over!


Ever since last Spring when Mrs. Rusch my school phys-ed teach and track coach introduced it to me something just felt right.  Her enthusiasm was contagious.  I really don’t know enough about it to make any big decisions but I do know that I enjoy the technical side of javelin and the fact that it’s easy to measure your improvement.   I am very curious about what I could do if i did have a coach that could show me even more.  It was fun breaking a javelin record last spring at the West Conference Meet.  I love the track and field atmosphere.   I love the fact that my results are a direct result of what I put into the training.

Everything changed for me two weeks ago when I met Bill Heikkila.  Bill is a former Olympian Javelin thrower who also has 40 years coaching experience who agreed to meet me at my school.  He was awesome!  Before we even did or said anything he checked my shoulder flexabitly and a few other things to see if I even had the right body mechanics or it would be a waste of both of our time.  He said he felt I had potential not only physically but also the mental aspects of all my TKD training.  Believe it or not Javelin and TKD patterns actually have a lot of similarities.

  After some basic instruction I was videotaped so he can analyze my form.  I haven’t thrown the javelin since the Spring when I did it for track and field so I felt very rusty and awkward.

Bill was so helpful and got me very excited about taking up javelin.  He sends me videos with techniques to practice on my own.  I’m a very visual person so videos are great so I can visualize them over and over in my head.  It’s the best way for me to learn proper technique.  He is away for a bit and he doesn’t want me to train on my own yet to form bad habits but I will keep watching the videos to get a solid image in my mind.  He is also arranging for me to meet and train with a 6 time National Champion, Dominque Bilodeau.  I’m flattered that he is doing all this.  This is all so new and exciting.

Bill Heikkila and Kayla Maduk

I have been putting so much pressure on myself lately to choose the right ‘big goal’.  After spending time with Grand Master Lan last week things were put in perspective for me.  I have to ‘feel’ things more instead of ‘overthink’  or ‘force’ them.  Things will fall into place if I keep an open mind and heart. It’s always worked for me int the past.  Everything is lining up for the winter.  I’m going to continue with my TKD as normal since that is very flexible and the best cross training ever.  I am going to play on the regional soccer team and get great coaching with a new coach Audra.  It will be amazing to keep the touch on the ball and compete in some games in Montreal over the winter.   I’m also going to train with Javelin to see if it’s something that I can see myself committing to more.  I’m also playing on the school basketball varisty team. I love basketball but have never had the time to take it up seriously and I don’t have the height for it.  Basketball has a huge history in our family with my grandpa, uncle and cousins but I think I missed that height pool 🙂  For right now, its just lots of fun and great cardio.  The schedule will work out perfectly since the season will be over by the time soccer starts up again in November.

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