Ms. Julia Cross TKD Seminar 2012

Talented, Dertermined, Inspirational, Motivating, Wise, Strong, Humorous, Experienced, Skilled and Passionate. These are only a few words that describe Ms. Julia Cross.  This weekend was extra special since I had the privilege of attending Ms. Cross’s  TKD Seminar.  She is a 6 time World Champion visiting from Scotland.  I have attended several seminars and workshops over the years by other World Champions but this was my first seminar given by a woman.  It was interesting that there were a lot more women in attendance than normal.  In TKD, there are no genders, just martial artists.

Seminar by Ms. Julia Cross 2012

Ms. Cross meant business, but made it fun and exciting for everyone. Her sarcasm and sense of humor stood out to me because I love joking around and having fun when I train.

It was great how she covered so many drills and concepts and I know everyone can take them and make them their own. It was a fast pace seminar which kept it interesting. I personally loved it and thought that the seminar was really unique. I also appreciated that she talked about the mentality for patterns and sparring. I paid a lot of attention to this part especially because I find it fascinating to hear different peoples perspectives on the mentality and philosphy for this martial art. It was also different coming from a woman as well. She talked a lot about passion and training from the heart.  And for me that’s what it comes down to so I agreed with a lot of the things she said and listening to her talk was really cool. 

Ms.Julia Cross and Ms. Kayla Maduk

The room was full of people and looking around, I saw Country names on the back of doboks. (Canada, USA, Australia, Scotland, Finland, New Zealand, Argentina).  The room had so many international competitors. These were doboks that were  traded with people from all around the world. You always take so much pride in wearing a dobok with either your own national team or one that you have traded after an international competition.  There were 5 World Champions in the room!  The Canadian National coaches and several of my national team-mates there too.  I felt like it was a reunion in many way since I also saw competitors that I have seen in years. 

As I meet and train with people from around the world, I get to learn about different training styles and mentalities from each country. Each place has their own idol, that they look up to. They each have a different philosophy on how to train,  different intensities, and different personalities. I like to learn about how other countries are doing things.

I am so fortunate to get the opportunity to attend these seminars. I learn so much each time. You meet new people, get a new perspective from someone who lives in a completely different continent and you grow an appreciation for the sport, the martial art and the World.

I was able to spend time talking to Ms. Cross at dinner and lunch the following day and I wish I had had more time for questions. She has done and is doing everything that I want to do.  Thank you so much Mr. Lim and Master Phil for organizing and hosting the event.  Travel home safely Ms. Cross and I look forward to seeing you again in Spain next year at the World Championships.

Mr. David Lim, Ms. Julia Cross and Master Phil

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    • Thank you Master Phil. Accomplished women like Ms. Cross are leading the way for future young women to follow in her footsteps. I would love to give huge seminars Internationally someday.

  1. Hi Kayla, just read your article about the seminar…very well written and thank you very much for your kind words. It really was a pleasure for me to pass on my knowledge and passion I have for TKD and I’m glad you have learned something. My philosophy with teaching and seminars is that if everyone leaves with a smile on their face having had a great time training and learnt one thing then I am happy. Keep up the great and anytime you need something just FB or email me… Keep working hard and one day your dreams can become a reality :-))

  2. hi kayla your a great rolemodle for me because when i grow up i want to be on team canada ringette i will acomplish my goal by trying hard every game and practice so when i get to belle a or aa i can get a chance to be on team canada ringette

  3. Good for you Emily! 🙂 My favorite thing about team sports is that there is such a bond between team mates.


    I hope one day you will get to experience wearing CANADA on your back. It’s an incredible feeling.

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