More Believers Were Created!

Why and How the Believe Project Began…..

Back in 2010 I almost didn’t qualify for the National Team to go to my first World Championship.  During my warm-up, I was afraid of what people were thinking of me.  I was the youngest one and the newbie trying out.  I didn’t have the confidence to go, take up space and draw attention to myself.  I didn’t feel worthy and as a result I performed terribly since I wasn’t warmed up properly and didn’t have the right mind set.

When I saw my opportunity slipping away I had to dig myself out of a hole just to make the team! Once I made the team I knew something had to change so I came up with the design for my Believe Hoodie.  I wore it all the time and I instantly felt more confident and felt it brought some feminine girl swag.  Other people slowly started to take notice to it and asked me where I bought it.  Then people slowly stated asking if I would make one for them too.  I didn’t understand at first why other people would want one but then I realized that it had a different meaning for everyone and that was really cool.

Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out

It’s so exciting to see how many people are joining me in the Believe Project. I’ve now sold well over 100 hoodies from coast to coast in Canada and more were just mailed out 🙂  After the World Championship next month I will be able to devote more time to the marketing.  Please pass this post on to anyone that you feel might be interested in my Believe Project.  Thank you.

I love how young some of the new believers are.  You are never too young to start believing in yourself.  I also get just as inspired seeing some women get so involved and excited about the project.  It’s not just for TKD practitioners – it’s for anyone who is proud of what they are working towards and believing in themselves to achieve it!

Hoodies now come in two colour choices
Thanks so much for the support ladies
Terri and Clare
Thank you Ms. McKillop from Ripley’s TKD for supporting the Believe Project and sharing it with your TKD student in Nova Scotia.  The Maritimes have over 40 Believers now thanks to the help of McKenzie TKD as well.
Cathy and Emily
It’s so inspiring to see other Mother/Daughter combos sharing the same beliefs. Such a great way for a Mom to be a role model for their daughters 🙂
I love it when my mom wears her hoodie since I know she is supporting me and she is also working towards her own dreams.
Clare is a Cancer survivor of 5 years, and a young TKD practitioner. The believe project is so special because it means something different to each individual. We all have our own stories.
I love how fearless and proud women look when they put the hoodie on 🙂

With every hoodie, you receive a pledge form! This pledge is to be signed and kept to commit to believing in yourself and that you are worthy and capable of greatness but also as a reminder that you are not alone in this journey to becoming the best possible version of yourself.  It’s not just a hoodie, but a statement and reminder to live a full life.



Proud to be Canadian Girls 🙂
This little champ proved that she believed and was proud of herself
Such a small world. This young girl is now coached in soccer by one of my previous soccer coaches. We do kick like a girl!
Watch out for this superstar. You’ll see her around in the TKD circuit
Signing her Pledge Form to keep her promise to herself
yup, we kick like a girl
I was so excited that one of my long life-time competitors joined the project. Thanks Kelly Barker
Who knows what she will be able to do now that she is a believer 🙂
Making it official by signing the Pledge Form
Always having fun with these girls
Sometimes the quietest girls are the ones who surprise me the most.  They just need a little boost of positive self-esteem and who knows what is possible 🙂

This is just the beginning.  I have so many ideas of where and how this project will develop.  Stay tuned 🙂