Hi all!

This week was the Money, Mindset and Marketing Conference, presented by business coach and strategist Lisa Larter. I had the privilege of attending as one of Catherine Priestman’s guests, who is the President of CP Business Solutions, an image strategy and branding company. If you need help with your strategic marketing plan, or discovering your brand image that will give you a competitive advantage, check out their website! They were one of the platinum sponsors for the event.

I met Catherine years ago through Taekwon-do and right away, we got along. We have remained friends, and she has taken on the role of a mentor for me. She has also been EXTREMELY generous throughout the years; she is behind the Believe Project branding, signage, banners, and business cards.

I had the opportunity to assist CP Business Solutions the day before the MMM event, setting up their booth, along with the booths of a couple other sponsors. I really enjoyed my day, and learned a lot about event marketing as well as booth marketing. 

Wednesday was the conference, and it was fantastic! It was geared towards entrepreneurs, and business owners, featuring multiple speakers from different backgrounds, and industries. They shared their stories, experiences and expertise with the audience, and quite a few key take-away’s resonated with me. 

  1. The importance of being authentic and intimate in marketing content on social media. 
  2. The positive impact live streaming has on generating leads and customer retention. 
  3. The value of a strong sales/marketing funnel and the elements that create a unique and positive experience for customers along their purchasing experience.
  4. If you are afraid to sell and charge for your product/service, your business will never be successful. 
  5. The importance of knowing your revenue streams, and the structure of your business model.

As many of you know, I am a Carleton University student,  studying business (marketing and management) and am in my last year. One of the most exciting things about this marketing conference for me, was the fact that there was so much overlap in what was being discussed in the conference, and what I am learning in school. 

Thank you to Catherine Priestman and her wonderful team, Lisa Larter, all the amazing speakers, and to all the incredibly inspiring people I met this week.