Martial Artist Open

EVERY fighter has their weaknesses and bad habits.  The important thing is to be able to recognize what you need to work on.  I know exactly what I need to improve on and I’ll do whatever it takes to get that training. It gets harder and harder to find people to spar with who have different sparring styles.  Competing within Canada I end up sparring the same girls over and over.  Getting ready for the Pan-American Championships I really want to spar as many different girls as possible since I know that the Argentinians are going to be very strong.  Training with men is great but it’s not the same as sparring other hyper-weight girls.  I always like to be as prepared as possible before I enter the ring.

My coach, my parents and I all went to a Mixed Martial Art Tournament today to see all the different styles of fighting within the different martial arts and then we talked to the people that I wanted to learn from and train with.  I’m really excited that some training sessions were already booked for this week.  Every martial art has their own style and specialty so if I can learn little bits and pieces from all of them, that would be awesome.

I’m testing for my 3rd degree during the March Break so I need to focus on that and get all my studying in.  March 11th I have a 2 hour physical test and then on March 18th I have a two hour written test plus a  5 hour technical test.

As soon as I got home from the tournament I wanted to train.  I get so motivated being in that environment and it felt weird not competing myself.  Going for a 6km run felt great.  I need to get a few more runs in before my physical test next week.

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