Marriage Through Taekwon-Do

I’ve said it so many times before but Taekwon-Do is NOT just a sport but it truly is a way of life.  Last weekend one of my best friends, Brigitte Jobin (now Brigitte Morris) married a taekwon-do Instructor from California.  They met at a TKD seminar in Florida two years ago and they knew they were meant to be together.  It’s very common for this to happen since when you study TKD it is also sharing the same values and passion for the art. Not only do we train together we socialize together.  It’s like an extended family. The bonds are very strong.  Even though Brigitte is 10 years older than me, we are extremely close and we are like sisters. When she asked me to be one of her bridesmaids I was extremely honoured.

bridgette tkdtraining 116
Ms.Kayla Maduk, Instructor Mr. Steven LeGrow and Mrs. Brigitte Morris. Last training together before the wedding
weddingrehearsal 096
Wedding Rehearsal
weddingcocktails 010
The bridesmaids – Veronique Mageau, Kayla Maduk, Brigitte Morris, Shera Richer (maide of honour) and Brooke Morris

 Now that Brigitte lives in California I know I’m going to miss her but we will always stay in touch and I can’t wait to see them both again at the next World Championships in Spain.

Morris Wedding 2013 084
Exchanging of the vows – the chemistry between them is unbelievable
Morris Wedding 2013 154
Such a regal wedding with the groom’s kilts from his Scottish background.  Brigitte looked absolutely beautiful
Morris Wedding 2013 171
The perfect day and the perfect wedding.  I can’t wait to find my Mr. Right 🙂  I know he’s out there somewhere


Morris Wedding 2013 029
Walking down the isle with my Instructor Mr. LeGrow


Morris Wedding 2013 186
All these guests are TKD martial artists from all around the world – very inspiring

It’s ironic how two years ago at the last World Championships,  Mr. Morris is in several of my photos since he was coaching the USA team AGAINST me!  My Instructor Mr. LeGrow was also asked to be a groomsman since he was Brigitte’s instructor for almost 10 years. We didn’t even know Mr. Morris two years ago and yesterday Mr. LeGrow and I were walking down the isle in their wedding party. Amazing how much can change in a couple years.  At their wedding I met so many new TKD people and reunited with friends from Scotland, France, Singapore and a few different States in the USA.  Travelling to International competitions is so much more fun when you have all your friends to see again.  It really is a small world!  See you all again soon 🙂

Morris Wedding 2013 173

Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Jason Morris.  Take good care of each other and always feel the same amount of love that you felt in your hearts today.  Thank you for including me in your very special day.  Love you both xoxo