March Break Training With Mr. Ripley

Last weekend,  CTFI President, Master Norman  from Saskatchewan came to Ottawa to give a Taekwon-Do Seminar. There were guests from all over Ottawa, Quebec, Nova Scotia and New York.  Arcan TKD were the hosts of the seminar.

Mr. Ripley, 4th Dan owner of JC’s Taekwon-Do, Nova Scotia

Mr. Ripley is someone I hold dear to my heart.  I really look up to him since he is such an inspiration.  He is one of the nicest people I have ever met.  It’s funny how some people just make you feel good by being around them.   He arrived on Thursday, so he joined our regular classes that night.   It was great to be in a class situation instead of always in seminars or tournaments together.





After the classes we had fun just doing more fitness drills.  It’s great to learn from everyone around you!

Med ball drills are awesome for core strengthening. I do some every single day after class


Dad helps me with some resistance training. He pushes down on the ball really hard while I bring the ball down slowly and then explode throwing the ball up.
Explosive vertical jumps help with developing explosiveness. Adding hand held weights makes it even more challenging.
Mr. Ripley and I shared some of the drills that we do


Before the TKD training Mr. Ripley came to the indoor track where I train for my javelin, discus and shot put.  I think he was really impressed with the facility and he seemed interested in the track since I am always talking about it too.

Thanks for your company Mr. Ripley and I look forward to seeing you again at Canadian Easterns 🙂


2 thoughts on “March Break Training With Mr. Ripley”

  1. I only wish we could spent more time training together i really enjoy working with you and people of the same mentality towards being the best we can be, as this the way we make our Martial Art stronger and grow. Looking forward to seeing you soon.
    TaeKwon my friend

  2. Your training seems to be going well & you are definitely on the right path to be ready for all the Championships ahead of you…!

    Keep at it, you’re doin great…!

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