Making Life Long Friends Through Sports

Last weekend was my 16th birthday and it really hit me how lucky I am to have such amazing friends I have.  Most of closest friends are ones I do sports with since we spend so many hours training together and we share the same goals, values and interests. Because I train so much, the people I train with become my best friends. We experience big and special moments together. They become an extended family. One of the greatest things with competing is that you meet so many people from every city and country and when you get together you just jump right back in where you left off. We are all so different from one another but we have a special bond.

My best friend and National Team Mate Steph Boivin organized a surprise birthday party for me in Montreal. It was the best time ever! Lots of my TKD buddies were waiting for us at a Japanese restaurant and I was so happy and shocked with their kindness.

kayla's birthday 053



Alex M, Philip and Vincent

kayla's birthday 017

Alex D, Anne-Sophie, Michelle and Catherine


kayla's birthday 029

Alex S


We had the whole top floor of the restaurant and the chef put on a private show for us. It was sooo cool!


kayla's birthday 056

Getting a little lovin from the Chef

Soooo cool!


 kayla's birthday 037

The chef had us laughing all night

kayla's birthday 050

After the restaurant everyone went back to Steph’s house for a party – good times Winking smile

kayla's birthday 097

Steph had a professional scrap book made for me with all the pictures from this blog. it included all the special people, moments, quotes and expressions from the last couple years.  I couldn’t stop crying looking through it.  I was overwhelmed with the amount of thought that went into it.  It’s a book that I will cherish forever!

On Sunday we went to Magog and I went snow shoeing for my first time.  Wow, it’s fun. 

kayla's birthday 154



kayla's birthday 156

Traditions are meant to be kept

kayla's birthday 190

It wouldn’t be a TKD visit/outing without a side kick thrown in.  OK I know my form here is terrible but give me a break – I felt like Bambi on ice Smile

kayla's birthday 194

At least Steph can show you one with true form!!!

kayla's birthday 205

The views were spectacular no matter where you stood.  I just wanted to take it all in.  I loved it there!

kayla's birthday 209

It was so peaceful and relaxing

kayla's birthday 201

Thanks again Steph and all my friends for making it such an amazing experience

kayla's birthday 170

Check out the beautiful mountains.  Just breath-taking