Last Hard Training Before Worlds

It’s always important to know when to peak before you compete and when to stop doing hard trainings that might cause injuries, body fatigue and/or that could cause you to get sick.

Last weekend  Mr.  Aleksandr Gozun (a senior male competitor from the US team) came to spend the entire weekend to train with Mr. LeGrow and me.

Mr. Aleksandr Gozun from Team USA and Ms. Kayla Maduk from Team Canada
a great group of black belts to train with 🙂

On Saturday we spend 7 hours doing hard core sparring drills and then free sparring.  It was awesome!  I loved every second of it.  It really helped get me in the head space and to try my strategies on someone new.  It was also good that he was a man since it was a real challenge for me.





On Sunday we were all a bit stiff, sore and yes even bruised 🙂 but we spent another 7 hours strictly on patterns.

We reviewed every pattern and every movement.  We also did tournament style for more practice.  It’s good to practice under a little but more pressure.

Thank you Mr. Gozun for coming to Canada to train and thank you Mr. LeGrow for organizing it and giving such a great training workshop.

It was just what I needed. It was my weekend to just have fun, train hard and do what I love. At this point, you really can’t work on something new because it’s too close to the World Championships. All you can do is enjoy training for what it is, and let your passion for the martial art carry you through the next few week. When you are at the World Championships, you have  to let your brain turn off, and let your body and preparation take control. 🙂  All in all, it was the perfect weekend for me! I got this awesome feeling inside, and a little voice in my head and pulling on my heart telling my I was ready. It felt good. 🙂

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  1. Hey Girl: Time is fast approaching that you will be off to Spain and another wonderful experience. I not only wish you all the best outcomes for your hard work but I also wish that you have a wonderful time, have fun, enjoy your new friends and learn alot about the world. You are the greatest kid!!!!

    Love and I will be thinking of you.

    Great Auntie

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