Last Few Trainings of 2010 – Happy New Year 2011

Happy New Year everyone!!!! 2010 was an amazing year. When I look back over my blog it blows my mind how many incredible people from all over the world that I got to meet, how many very cool places I got to travel to for competition or training and how many personal goals that I achieved. I don’t really have one highlight. My biggest goal was to make the Canadian Team and that was HUGE for me but all the little events leading up to it were just as important. Without them I would not have made it. I have so much to be thankful for with a good family and friends.

2011 promises to be just as exciting. I am really looking forward to all the training and then finally going to New Zealand for the World Championships. I also can’t wait to get back into soccer more. I’ve missed playing in the games this winter it’s just another choice that had to be made. At least I was able to still practice with them. I have to admit that I’ve given up a lot of social times with my friends over the last year but once the World’s are over I hope to make up for lost time. I always feel bad when my friends want to get together and I’m busy. I just found that when I wasn’t training or studying I just wanted some down-time for sleep and relaxation. It’s hard for friends to sometimes understand why I want to train so much or why this is so important to me. That is why you have such a strong bond with your coaches and your training buddies since they are in the same position and going through the same dedication for an event like this.

I’ve loved training over the holidays since there has been so much variety. Sparring, cardio, yoga, patterns etc…  It’s very different when you train on your own.  I just crank up the music and tune everything else out.  The time goes by so fast!!!!! I’m appreciating every work out now since I know I’ll be back in school next week and my time will be limited again.