Last Day Sightseeing Downtown Halifax After the TKD IIC Seminar

The Seminar was over and most people had either left by car or caught their flights home but we had a few more hours left in Halifax so we wanted to see as much as we could.  For details on the seminar look at the two previous posts.

My legs were so sore and tired from the seminar.  Walking around was probably the best thing to loosen up the muscles.  I had no idea how hilly Halifax was.  I’m not sure which was worse – going up or going down the steep hills 🙂  Everywhere we went there seemed to be stairs too.

My history teacher told me I had to go to Pier 21 while I was in Halifax.  There were two beautiful big cruise ships in the docks.  I’ve never seen boats that big in person before

Then we went down to the waterfront Wharf and looked at all the boats and shops.  The fog was really bad when we first got there but I guess that is normal by the water.

I couldn’t resist trying on this lobster hat!

The view from the Halifax Citidel

We went and spent a few hours at the Halifax Citadel. Everyday at noon the soldiers shoot the cannon.  It was so loud! You could hear the echo move through the air for a long time.

I’m studying all the wars in history class so it felt real walking around the fort and imagining what the soldier’s life would have been like back then.  It’s so much more powerful to see in person how the soldiers lived than reading about it in a book.

Inside this Building was a war museum. I took lots of pictures…I got choked up at some parts becuase it was so realistic and moving.

There were tour guides in all the rooms to explain what the living conditions were like.

Seeing all the uniforms and weapons from the Korean War reminded me of my conversation with Master Lajeunesse the night before and how the soldiers would have felt in combat and how each defensive movement in Taekwon-Do was developed and it’s origin.

Seeing all the equipment and gear that was used made me appreciate that fact that I live now and not back then.

For lunch we ended up back downtown but we were right next to a demonstration.  These people were camping out and living in the park protesting.  They had everything set up with food tents, sleeping tents, entertainment and lots of petitions to make their point.

We wanted to go into the Sports Hall of Fame but we had to head back to the airport.

Good Bye Halifax.   It was such a great learning experience not only in the IIC Seminar but also just learning about another Province and meeting so many new people.  Thanks Mr. Lim for travelling with my mom and me.

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