Kayla Maduk’s World Championship BBQ Fundraiser

Today was the 1st of my 3 fundraisers to help me get to Spain for the World Championships next month.  The funds also help with expenses just leading up to the World Championships.  Purchasing new doboks (uniforms), sparring equipment, physio, travel/flight/lodging expenses to seminars all add up.  The funds also help with registration fees for competitions in the selection process that were necessary to even qualify for the National Team.  I sincerely appreciate every donation!!!!!!  Training to be on a National Team is a full time job.

Ross’ Independent Grocery Store was extremely kind in providing us with their outdoor BBQ, tent and parking lot to host the fundraiser.  They also gave me a $100 gift card.  Thank you so much Ken and Kelly Ross for your generosity.  Apparently this was the most successful BBQ of the summer 🙂  Not bad considering it was very cold and the clouds kept threatening us with rain.

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 016
Mr. Ken Ross owner of Ross’ Independent Grocers

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 121

I could not have done this fundraiser without the help and organization of the West Barrhaven Community Association led by Darrell Bartraw and his crew Chantale and James Gilliland and Darrell Carson who did all the cooking.  This Association does such amazing work in the Barrhaven Community.

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 058
Darrel Bartraw from West Barrhaven Community Association. This man has been my angel

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 114

I also want to thank MPP Lisa McLeod for bringing entourage of photographers, reporters, staff and supporters.  It’s always nice seeing her and her family 🙂

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 037
MPP Lisa McLeod
Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 082
Having Fun with MPP McLeod’s daughter

My mom hasn’t been very well for the last 6 months so it’s been hard for her to do the things that she normally would but it’s friends like Joanne Helmer Clarke and her two sons who jump in and help out.  Joanne made all the posters, t-shirts and did the ‘behind the scene’ stuff my mom would normally do.

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 179
Joanne Helmer-Clare, Brad and Cameron
Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 004
Love the shirts they made 🙂
Such a personal and meaningful gift to me today. I love it Joanne, Cameron and Brad!

Joanne also had a very personal good luck necklace designed for me with three of my very meaningful words for TKD.

Believe: As long as you believe  in and are completely passionate about what you are doing, I think Anything and Everything is possible.

Free: When I do my patterns, and I am in my ‘happy place’.  Nothing can touch me and I feel completely free. That word reminds me to relax and just feel ‘free’.  Same thing with Sparring.  I spar best when I am having fun and feel free.

Strength: This word reminds me to stay strong physically in both patterns and sparring, but also to stay strong psychologically and keep positive.

This World Championship is very different for me than the last one.  Last time I didn’t talk about TKD with my friends as much since I didn’t think they would understand or care about my journey so I stuck only with TKD people.  I’ve learned that they really DO care and it’s an awesome feeling.  They have followed my journey and they have all helped support me in some way or another.  They have even cross trained with me all summer so they have a better understanding of the commitment it takes. I was also surprised and extremely touched when a few old friends from past years and sports teams showed up to support me as well.

I was sooooo happy that they all came out to help today with the face painting, mingling with guests, selling popcorn, holding donation pots and just being there for me 🙂  Thanks guys.  Love ya!

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 172
Some of my closest friends who helped out today 🙂

Having my grandpa there was extra special.  I’m so lucky that he is still able to be part of my journey.

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 001
Love Ya Grandpa xoxo

I was shocked to see teachers from elementary school, middle school and high school show up.  It meant a lot that my first TKD instructor of 10 years came to support me.  Master Kou always has a knack of surprising me and showing up at the ‘right’ time.  Thank you Sir!  You gave me the strong foundation and encouraged my passion in TKD. I would not be in this position without you.

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 142
Master Kou, My first TKD Instructor of 10 years

My family and I would sincerely like to thank everyone who made today possible.  I will continue training hard on my quest for more World Champion Titles knowing that I have the support of my great community of Barrhaven.  I look forward to my next fundraiser next Saturday, September 14th and the Barrhaven Legion from 11-3 for a luncheon and silent auction. It’s going to be awesome!

Kayla's Fundraiser BBQ 061
My Brother Greg, Dad and Mom xoxox