Kayla is Coming Home with 1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals


Feeling Strong and Free

Samual Fortin (Junior Male World Champion)            Kayla Maduk (Junior Female World Champion)

The arena was crazy loud for the Team Events!  Everyone wanted their country to do well and it was very exciting.  I was actually more nervous for these events than the individual ones.  I didn’t want to let my teammates down.  My first event was for sparring and we were against New Zealand.  I have to admit I was very surprised and impressed with the whole NZ team.  They were strong in every division and event.

I was really happy with my sparring in the team event and relieved that I won my fight.  It’s fun for me to spar different weight divisions since you have to adjust your technique and style a bit.  I really enjoyed that part.  Even though I’m a hyper-weight I am very fast and it surprises my opponents.  Unfortunately as a team we lost our round.  New Zealand ended up winning the gold in the end for this event so at least we know we got to compete against the best.

Junior Female Sparring Team
I had so much fun in this sparring round

Then it was off to Team Power Breaking.  I really wanted to do well here since I didn’t get to compete in the individual power breaking.  I wanted to see for myself how I ‘measured up’ against others.  I had to do the turning side kick through 4 inches of boards and that was no problem at all.  I’ve done up to 6 before and I really wanted to see how far I could go.  We ended up in a tie with NZ so we continued on.  The judges selected knife hand strike and my coach asked me to do it for the team.  I felt so much pressure not to let the team down.  There was 4 inches to break through and I’ve never done that much before.  I measured properly and I really took my time.  I mentally went through all the little details in my head that Ms. Trigger had helped me with.  I wound up as hard and fast as I could but when I hit the board I was off by just a couple mm and the boards didn’t break.  My hand hurt so much.  It was shaking and really red.  I felt bad that it meant the team couldn’t continue on for the gold but I was also very proud that our team got a silver medal. Probably the best thing for me in that event was that it confirmed that I had made the right decision when I backed down to do this event before my patterns.  As I was getting ice in the first aid station I kept thinking that there is no way I could do patterns right now.  My hand is just really bruised but nothing is broken.  The plastic boards hurt more if you don’t break through than the wooden boards.  It stings!

Junior Power Team
Side Piercing Kick
These two plastic boards are equivalent to 4 wooden boards
It was great to be on the podium with my friends

Canada also got a silver for the junior boys team patterns.  They were awesome.

There is one more day of competition for the senior team events so that will be very exciting to watch.  I can’t wait to see Mr. LeGrow and Miro compete again.  I’ll be the one cheering really loud 🙂

We just have the ‘after party’ and then we all go directly to the airport at 3:00 in the morning!  No one is going to bed.  I’ve heard so many things about these ‘after parties’ that it should be a great time.  It the only real opportunity to get to know people from other countries.  No countries really talk to each other during competition but once it’s over, then everyone becomes friends.  I’m glad that my brother Greg will be with me at the party too.  It’s been great having him here with me.  He’s been so supportive the whole time.

In the two weeks that I’ve been here we’ve had an earthquake and a Tsunami warning!!!!  I am really looking forward to getting home and seeing all my friends.  I’ve missed them so much.

9 thoughts on “Kayla is Coming Home with 1 Gold and 2 Silver Medals”

  1. Congratulations on your medals. You are a champion for sure. Safe trip home to good old Canada.

    Luv: Dais

  2. Cant wait to see you home safe and sound. This has been such an exciting experience for us to – cheering you on and learning about this level of competition.
    Enjoy the last little bit!!!!

  3. Enjoy the remaining time with your family and friends, you really earned it. This has been an exciting event in your life and I’m glad we could take part in congratulating you, you kept us on edge and you’ve accomplished the goal that you set out for yourself, from the Joanis family on the corner, Congratulations on all your medals and come home safe.

  4. Way to go Kayla! You should be so proud of yourself. I know we all are!!!
    Shaen, Steph, Jasy, and T

    • Hi Kayla its Jim and entourage – CONGRATS ON YOUR TEAM MEDAL! We’ve been thinking of all of you throughout our trip. Grandpa just got out of the jacuzzi and I think he’s planning another, after his nap 🙂 We will look forward to hearing from you as soon as you can when you get back – after your nap? 😉 We are SO proud of you, Kayla. You have done Canada, and ALL of your peeps proud!
      Lots of Love,
      Grandpa, Jim, Julie, Jenna and Danielle 🙂

  5. Hey Kayla!!

    More than proud of you kid!! I had no doubt in my mind that you would be successful in New Zealand. Thanks for representing Canada so well and congrats on all your achievements!


    Coach Kwame

  6. Hats off again to you & to all our Cdn individual & team TKD competitors & World champions – travel back home safe !!!

  7. P.S.: Just want to say: ‘Forget about the souvenirs… I’m sure all will agree w/me the medals you have & will be wearing around your neck… is the best souvenir to all of us..’ 🙂 !!

    Lucie (Jonathan’s mom)

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