Just Arrived in Halifax for the TKD IIC Seminar – Sigthseeing at Peggy’s Cove

I went to my first Taekwon-Do IIC (Internatioal Instructors Course) in Halifax.  I absolutely love to travel and experience new places and meet new people through different sports.  Since it was so far away, my mom, one of my instructors Mr. Lim and I flew to Nova Scotia the day before the seminar started so we could get settled and see some of the sights.

Of course we had to go to Peggy’s Cove.  The drive from the airport was beautiful with lots of little inlets of water, colourful houses and  fishing boats.

A TKD tradition is having a side-kick picture taken in every city that you visit as a souvenir

I felt free standing on the rocks with the wind blowing and the crashing of the waves

Ms. Kayla Maduk and Mr. David Lim

Perfect form Mr. Lim 🙂

The waves came in so fast it was hard to hold a pose

By the time we left  our faces and lips were covered in salt from the ocean spray.

Once we made it back to the hotel several other people had arrived (including my Head Instructor Mr. LeGrow).  It was great to see everyone again.  A large group of us went downtown for dinner near the waterfront.  Most people were extremely tired from either a long drive or flight so we didn’t go to bed too late.  We knew we had a huge weekend ahead of us and I wanted to be as rested as possible for it.  GREAT DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Click here for more pictures from the IIC

3 thoughts on “Just Arrived in Halifax for the TKD IIC Seminar – Sigthseeing at Peggy’s Cove”

  1. When I heard you were going to Halifax, I pictured you in this exact pose, in this exact spot! wicked 🙂

  2. Hi Kayla & Heather,

    Beautiful pictures – I have never been there & would like to visit someday…seems like an incredible place…! Nice that your mom & you got to share another special moment in your TKD journey…!

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