John McCrae Girls Basketball Team Makes it to the Playoffs

We finished off our last two games of the season with two more wins leaving us 9-1 in  the regular season.  This season has been so much fun and I don’t want it to end.  We work as a team so well.  Maybe it’s because everyone knows that  we are all playing our very best and don’t want to let each other down or the coaches and teachers that have given so much of their time.  It’s great that there are grade 9’s right up to grade 12’s on the team so it a wide mixture of players.   We all take it seriously but at the same time we have a blast. I love this team. We have a great mix of personalities and humour so each game or practice, it’s always an experience. The coaches (Mr. Kevin Lemenchick and Mr. John Gartley) have been awesome and we  wouldn’t have had  a team without Mr. Toms volunteering his time either. We also had a great student teacher (Jessica) with us all season but she had to go back to Queen’s to continue her schooling.  She did promise that she would drive back to visit when/if we’re in the finals.

At today’s away game there was a lot more energy in the gym than usual from the other spectactors and it was tough to stay focussed and not get too rattled with all the yelling and commotion.   As the game progressed, I was really impressed with how we were able to settle down and get our composure even as the game got physically rougher. We were able to move the ball quickly and make the right decisions. Our shooting was a lot better too.

We will get in as much practice time as possible before our first playoff game next Thursday.  Wish us luck. Go Bulldogs!