John McCrae Finishes Soccer Season

I really had  a lot of fun playing on the varsity soccer team. It was the first opportunity to play for a school team now that my taekwon-do schedule has slowed down a bit.  We played 7 games in total and we only lost 2 games and tied one.  I played stopper so I was extra happy to get three goals for the team :).

Last week in our second game of play offs, we lost which meant that our season is over.  We were against a really good team, and when we knew we were down by too many goals, we decided to have as much fun with it as possible.  It was funny playing against the different school since most of the girls play either on my club team or other competitive teams so I had seen most of them before.

I love getting header goals

I got 2 goals with my free kicks

I'm going to miss my grade 12 friends that will graduate

Thank you Mr. Box and to the two assistant coaches for all their time they put into coaching.  I can’t wait to play again next year 🙂