JMUCC 2018 – John Molson University Case Competition

What a week!

This past week, I had the privilege of competing in the John Molson University Case Competition in Montreal, Canada. 24 teams from around the world joined together to participate in the week long event.

How did the case competition work?

For this case competition, universities applied to participate, and if selected, formed teams to send to Montreal. I was hand selected to try out for the Carleton team, and was placed on a team of 4 people, with my amazing teammates, Nick Carson, Hala Saoudi and Isaac Sider-Echenberg. We met in January when the team was formed, and we started to practices right away! We practiced two to three times a week leading up to the competition, and were appointed our wonderful coach Richard Coffin.

JMUCC’s competition consisted of three 3h case cracks, and one 24h case crack. In a case crack, a team is given a business case, about a specific company, which gives an overview of the company, and a situational problem to be solved. It is up to the team to identify a problem, analyze the situation and recommend a detailed solution.  For the 3h hour cases, we have 3hrs to read, analyze and come up with a solution, along with make a PowerPoint presentation, without the use of the internet. For a 24h case, it is the same procedure however teams are allowed access to the internet. For all case cracks, teams are not allowed any outside contact.

This was one of the most amazing weeks I have had in a long time, and I am so excited to share it with you. 🙂

Check out this highlight video from the week!