Javelin Training Is Getting So Exciting

As we get closer to Spring I am getting really excited about seeing just how much I’ve improved during the winter. I can’t wait to throw outside!  Bill put us through a series of tests from Finland back in October.  The tests include different jumping tests and throwing tests (using different medicine balls). There is a correlation between the distances in the tests and how far you can throw the javelin.  Last week we did the same test again and it was exciting to see how we all improved in every test from the Fall.  Since we can only throw a javelin inside the dome with a rubber stopper you can’t really measure the distance which can be frustrating at times.  I know I feel a lot smoother and stronger than I did in the Fall.  It’s funny how the more I learn about Javelin, the more I realize I still need to learn about it.  Breaking down each movement takes years of practice.  All my other training buddies have been throwing the javelin for years.  I’m such a beginner compared to them but that also pushes me to keep up.  You never improve unless you train with people better than yourself.

It’s funny, last spring when I competed for my first time in this event I thought I was really ready after just a few hours of practice and no in depth instruction.  Now that I’ve trained with Bill I realize I’m still just a beginner with years of studying ahead of me. I find this very exciting.  I am also really excited that my javelin shoes that were ordered are coming in this week.  I can’t wait to try them since my feet keep slipping in my regular running shoes.  Bill is going to Pennsylvania this week for a javelin seminar and he’s also going to try to bring me back my own javelin.  This will be awesome so I can train when ever I want this Spring and Summer.

The group of people that I train with are all so amazing.  I train about 6-7 hours a week with them. We have a great time pushing each other and it’s just a lot of fun.  I love the cool drills we do and the different ways to understand how javelin works…We we do tons of medicine ball throwing, shoulder flexibility drills, weight training and we even hit a huge tire with a baseball bat sometimes. Baseball motions can be very similar to javelin. I can also tell that I am getting a lot faster and stronger in TKD too so that’s even more of a bonus.  I’m really lucky to have a great group and an amazing coach.  While Bill is away this week we were all given specific things to work on which is really helpful.  I find so much is accomplished at each training session.  I love all the ‘eureka’ moments.

While I was training at the dome yesterday there was a huge track meet for the indoor track events.  Most of the athletes were from their University Teams.  I had never considered being on a university team for track before but this last winter has really made me think about it seriously.  I think if would be a lot of fun 🙂