It’s all about the Eureka Moment!

Whether I’m working on a new Taekwon-do pattern, a new soccer drill, or a new basketball play, there are times when it gets frustrating since it’s not going the way I want and then all of sudden it hits me………….a EUREKA moment.  I had a Eureka moment tonight at the track.  I’ve been loving my Javelin training since there is so much to learn and it’s so challenging.  At the beginning of the training session I felt that my throwing was off.  It was especially disappointing since Bill had sent me videos of these specific drills to watch and I spent a lot of time looking them so I thought I was going to do better. Knowing and doing are two very different things 🙂

Then all of a sudden, my coach Bill made some minor tweaking with my arm position and then it happened……… EUREKA moment.  Suddenly everything  just felt ‘right’.  My throws were instantly feeling better and felt more comfortable.  When you throw inside the dome you can’t measure your distance since the javelin has a rubber stopper on the end so it doesn’t stick in so it doesn’t hurt the turf or break the javelin. We do alot of throwing into this huge net, but I can still tell that I was doing better.  I just want to focus on the technique and the distance will come.  I may not always show my emotions on the outside but I was doing a little ‘happy dance’ in my head 🙂

Sometimes people ask me why or how I train so much with all the different sports that I do, and the reason is simple.  I live for the rush I get when I break through a challenge and everything ‘clicks’.  AHHHH EUREKA!


2 thoughts on “It’s all about the Eureka Moment!”

  1. Kayla – thank you so much for calling Cameron today before his red belt test. Although he may have seemed shy on the phone, your call meant so much to him. His face lite while talking to you and after he got off the phone he was so excited. Hopefully he will be proudly sporting a red belt for the tournament next weekend!
    Cheers – Joanne

  2. I was happy to hear last night that his test went very well. I knew he would be fine! I have soccer until noon on Saturday but I will be at the tournament right after that. Hopefully I’ll be able to see him compete. Congratulations Cameron! Kayla

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