It’s a Priviledge to be Able to Train!

According to the bone scan on my foot I have a peroneal tendon strain.   The treatment consists of rest, ice, anti-inflammatories, being taped and physio.  I can handle all of it except the rest part.  I haven’t really done any training in a couple weeks now and it’s driving me crazy since if feels worse instead of better.  I have to find things that I can do without any pressure on my foot to keep my cardio and strength. I will continue with spinning and weights at the gym during my spare at school.  A minor injury is not going to stop me from working towards my goals. I just have to be creative about finding ways to keep training.

I get so FRUSTRATED when I hear athletes (from all different sports) complain about ‘having’ to train or doing things they don’t like to do in practice

It doesn’t make sense to me. Why do it, if you are just going to complain and be miserable the whole time? When I go through crazy workouts, I never complain because I chose to be there and afterwards I always really proud and satisfied. I want to be there and I treat it as a privilege that I get to be doing what I love.  I live to train and compete. Don’t just show up….Be there!

It’s a privilege to:

  • have a healthy body
  • have a family who supports you and is willing to make sacrifices for you to reach your goals
  • have willing coaches to give you their expertise and time (so much of it is by volunteers)
  • to have enough time to put the training in
  • have the proper equipment for your sport
  • get the proper nutrition for your body to perform at its best
  • have the best doctors and physiotherapists when things go wrong
  • financially be able to afford club and team fees
  • wear a uniform representing your team or country so wear it with pride!

“There is a huge difference between getting a ride to train and being driven to train” –  Kayla Maduk

One of my javelin training buddies and I went to the track tonight for some throwing. It’s great having people to train with who feel the same way.  I didn’t do any runs or jumps.  It was strictly throwing with two feet planted on the ground.  I just want to make sure I don’t lose the ‘feel’ of throwing.  It was great to be there.  We basically had the whole place to ourselves.  I want to get as many throws in as possible before I have to train in the dome all winter.

Thanks for training with me today Val – I love your shirt
I want to train as much as possible outdoors before it gets too cold.  It’s too hard on your joints and muscles to throw in the cold