I’m Having a Huge Fundraiser!

I’m very excited about a huge fundraiser that my family is putting on.  During the holidays I went to all the businesses in Barrhaven to ask for donations for my silent auction and raffle draws.  Everyone was so nice and gave generously in either products, gift certificate or services.  Planning an event like this takes a lot longer than we thought but I’m sure it will be great.   Everyone is welcome to join us.

There will be a demo,  live entertainment, contests, food, a huge bar, and a few guest appearances.

I will be posting a final list of items shortly so people can see in advance what will be available.  Stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “I’m Having a Huge Fundraiser!”

    • Hello, Everything is really coming along nicely for the fundraiser. I would actually love some help from volunteers to serve chili and pizza or to collect money at the entrance desk. If you or anyone else is interested in helping please send me an email at Kayla@ikicklikeagirl.com and we can talk about it more. Thanks Heather

  1. Hi,

    I intend to be there right after the 12:00 (noon) mass – so around 1:30ish…!! If you still need help then I will gladly volunteer !


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