I Survived a Dungeon Workout!

Imagine walking into a workout room with state of the art equipment, loud pumped up music and a group of elite athletes that you’ve never met before knowing that you are going to do a circuit training with them..  How would you feel?

Dungeon 296
Mrs. Stewart, Mr Ben Stewart and Kayla Maduk
Dungeon 011
Welcome to one of the rooms in the Dungeon

I had seen all of the Ben Stewart’s Dungeon Workout videos and here I was in his own personal gym with his wife and two of his top Karate and kickboxing students, including another World Champion ready for an intense workout.  I was terrified and excited at the same time since I’ve wanted to try his workouts ever since I saw his videos.  It’s always nerve racking when you are doing a circuit like this since it’s impossible to pace yourself the first time since you have no idea what to expect next.  These athletes had obviously done it many times together so I felt very proud that I was able to keep up with them 🙂

It was cool to think that several CFL football players had gone through this workout too in this very room.  Sometimes I find myself in situations that are very surreal to me.  I’m just enjoying and appreciating each step of the journey.

This circuit was designed for fighters and explosive athletes.  Mr. Stewart designed 40 stations in a 20 minute circuit.  The real test is that you do the same circuit 3 times.  In total 120 stations in the hour!!!!!!  You have to keep up at the fast pace since each participant starts the circuit just 60 minutes apart.   There is always someone right behind you and you have to complete all the reps in each station.  There is just no time for your muscles to recuperate so it’s exhausting.

Dungeon 019
Mr. Ben Stewart

Circuit training is my favourite type of training so I was in Heaven even though it was brutal 🙂 🙂 🙂  I was so excited to be invited into the ‘Dungeon’ to participate in one of his trainings.  Thank you Mr. LeGrow for passing my name on to Mr. Stewart.  They are getting ready for the Karate and Kickboxing World Championships so we are all working towards our own goal.  Thank you so much for making me feel welcomed.

I will definitely include as many of the drills in my own personal training as possible  and will modify some to the stations since I obviously don’t have all the equipment or machines.  This was definitely a workout that I’ll never forget 🙂


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