I Love my Coach’s Eye Application

My javelin coach Bill,  first told me about this super cool training tool for an iPhone but I really had no idea how helpful it would be.  This weekend I spent several hours in the dojang by myself going over my new pattern.  I filmed myself over and over with the video camera and that was fine and then my mom reminded me of the application on her Iphone.  She filmed me and as soon as I reviewed it I could pick out several little flaws that I didn’t see with the regular video since you can rewind it over and over in slow motion and use different tools to see if you are doing things properly.  It was so helpful to learn my mistakes now as I’m learning the pattern before I have to undo a lot of old bad habits.  I have to catch up on my patterns before the PanAms but I’m sure all my hard work will pay-off on the day.

Since the weather was so beautiful our 2 hour track practice was outside.  I had the opportunity to throw for a full hour with Bill, Tom and Dominque.  It was awesome!!  Then Bill introduced me to the other throwing coaches and I had some one-on-one shot put instructions.  It felt weird since I hadn’t thrown the shot put since OFSAA last spring.  I think it will help having a couple sessions since I will be doing all three throws for the school track and field team but my heart is really on the javelin more than the other events.

When you train in the dojang you can see yourself in the mirror so you have a better idea of your form but when you’re throwing outside it’s important to film yourself since you have no idea what your form (technique) looks like.  You only go by what it feels like.  It’s helpful to have both the visual and the feeling of what you’re doing to make sure you’re doing the proper technique.

I took my javelin the field with a friend and he asked if he could try throwing it.  It was hilarious how he couldn’t throw the javelin at all (and he’s really athletic).  He was shocked how hard it was.  It’s the kind of sport that unless you’ve actaully tried it,  you think it’s easy.  Think again….. 🙂

This weekend was also the first of the Spring/Summer soccer season and it was different not being with my old team playing but I still want to keep in touch with all of them and go to as many of their games as possible.  I miss soccer a lot but I know right now I want to focus on my TKD and Javelin since I have set some really big goals for myself and there just isn’t enough time to fit everything all in.

I was so happy to hear that Mr. Lim won gold for his 4th Dan patterns at the TKD Unity Championships in Conneticut.  I wish I could have been there to see it.  Congratulations Mr. Lim – I know you’ve been training very hard!