I Have My Very Own Javelin!

I was so happy to see Bill again back at the track.  He was away last week teaching a javelin workshop in Pennsylvania for other high school and university students.  I trained three times with my training buddies while he was away but I have to admit I really missed having Bill there.  We worked on everything that he asked us to do so I think he was happy about that.

Bill Heikkila and Kayla Maduk - My Very Own Javelin!

Today there were a lot of ‘eureka’ moments for me.  First of all,  Bill brought back a javelin for me.  Thank you, thank you, thank you! It’s funny how excited I was about buying a stick!!!!  I love it and now I will be able to throw outside whenever I want once the ground thaws.

Secondly it was the first time I wore my new javelin shoes.  They felt amazing!!!!  I was more confident throwing and my planting foot was a lot more stable. I had to get new indoor shorter spikes since the ones that came with my shoes are for outdoor.  I’ve never needed a tool kit with a pair of shoes before 🙂  I realize how lucky I am that my parents were able to buy these things for me and I really appreciate it.  I want to get a job this summer so I can help with all these extra expenses.  I’m lucky how supportive they are of all my sports.

We threw for about 2 hours and it really felt good.  It was a challenge since Bill had all kinds of new drills from the work shop that he wanted us to try.  I started out throwing really well and then he added some new foot work to emphasize certain aspects of the throw into the practice and that completely threw me off.  Once I got the hang of it I had one of my best throws ever and it felt INCREDIBLE!  Inside I was doing a little happy dance 🙂

My mom usually drops me off and then goes to work but I would love it if she could come and take some pictures of the group training since I would like them for my blog.

After javelin I went to taekwon-do to work on my patterns.  I’ve realized that I’m stronger now and I have more power in my movements but I also have to make sure that I control all the strength and keep the beauty of the pattern. I love doing all this cross training and I am getting a lot stronger.  My TKD training is helping my javelin and my javelin training is helping my TKD.  I’m really happy!

It was a GREAT day for training!





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  1. are we allowed to practice on our own? throwing javelin at a public high school’s field is ok during the open-for-all time right?

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