I Hate Being Sick!

I’ve missed three days of school this week which really isn’t good since I’ll be missing so much while I’m away and it’s a brand new semester with all new teachers and subjects.

I have a bad cold and since there will be ‘drug’ testing at the Worlds I can’t take any medicine.  I’m too afraid of what’s in the stuff.  Better safe than sorry.  I’m just drinking lots of fluids, taking lots of vitamin C and sleep all day!

Hopefully the rest is good for my body and I’ll come back even stronger in a few days.   I just have to get better and listen to my body.   I’ve had lots of time to think about things while laying in bed and I feel really confident that things will work out great.

My dad went and picked up my ‘official’ Canadian uniform last night.  It’s what I’ve dreamed about for years!!!!  It’s  funny how just having the Canadian Flag and the word ‘Canada’ written across the back means so much.  It’s because   I’ve had to work so hard to earn the right to wear it.  I will wear it with PRIDE!  I can’t wait to get the official track suit.  That apparently comes in right before we leave.  I’ll put a picture of it up when I get it.  You’re supposed to trade jackets with with people from other countries but I’m not sure I’ll ever want to part with it 🙂

4 thoughts on “I Hate Being Sick!”

  1. Glad to hear you are feeling a little better, if you want I will bring you some chicken soup a cure all for everything. When you get older you can gargle with scotch, that always chases the bugs away. Thanks for giving me one of your red/black braclets, I will wear it until you get home with your “gold” See ya.

    Great Auntie.

  2. Hope you are feeling better – but no matter what the rest is a good thing. I am sure the weekend event was emotional and overwhelming at times and that can be draining.
    Ms. Trigger was not surprised you were feeling under the weather – and was glad you too some time away.
    Can’t wait to see your jacket! Joanne

  3. Kayla,

    The TKD Canada uniform & track suit will be part of your most prized souvenir of this journey, so if you can spare trading it I think it is best you hold on to it …! I can feel your excitement… enjoy every minute – you deserve it !
    My advice would be instead bring lots of Canada lapel pins & other paraphernalias (ie.: headbands, baseball caps, etc…) w/Canada logos on them – even souvenirs of the Canada Olympics to trade or hand out.
    From past experience when we went to S. Korea, some even were asking if we had items that had our hockey teams on them…!!!? Couldn’t figure that one out … but what can we say?

    Jonathan’s mom

  4. I agree, I won`t be trading my uniform! I have Canadian bracelets, pins, flags and t-shirts to take. When Jonathon and I went to the World Cup together everyone was exchanging t-shirts. I am still wearing the one from South Africa! It means a lot to me and it brings back the memories every time I put it on.

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