I Compete Tomorrow and it Feels Like Christmas Eve!

Earlier today I trained with the team and then went for a boat ride to the other side of the harbour just to clear my mind.  The nerves are starting to set in more than I thought they would but training today felt a lot better for me than yesterday.

sparring drills to war, up
Goofing around while we wanted for the ferry
the school kids take this ferry to get home everyday. Last week a boat like this sunk because of the big waves.
Kayla, Carol-Anne and Stephanie
Alex and Philip
The other side of the Harbour was beautiful

Competing tomorrow is still always on my mind
It was so beautiful
We walked around the bay for about an hour before we had to get back on the ferry
This beach would be amazing in the summer
Samuel and Daniel also had a great time with us

Tonight is like Christmas Eve for me.   You know that feeling of December 24th when you are exhausted from all the preparation for the last few months getting ready for the big day making sure that everything will be perfect, and the anticipation of what might be magical under the Christmas tree the next morning?

Well that is how I’m feeling tonight.  I have no idea what to expect tomorrow.  I’m obviously hoping for that perfect gift but I might also get that toy that is broken or the sweater that doesn’t fit 🙁

Every competitor has to be prepared to be completely eliminated in 4 minutes with a sudden death round in sparring or a couple minutes in patterns.  But every competitor has the dream of standing on the podium hearing their national anthem and having the title of World Champion.  Such a high title comes with as much risk and sacrifice.  If it’s not worth achieving it’s not worth working for.  There are so many factors to consider.  You have the luck of the draw, judges, and how you compete on any given day.  We are all entering equally and we all want the same end result – A gold medal!

I want to thank everyone again for all their support both financially and emotionally through this long journey to get me to the world stage. I certainly can’t promise you a gold medal or any medal for that matter but I can promise you that I’ve done everything that I possibly can to prepare myself for this event both physically and mentally.  I have appreciated all the countless hours of amazing coaching, driving me to and from training, waiting while I train, introducing me to the best coaches and training buddies possible, the media and press support and the endless hours of pep talks from coaches, family and friends.  I also really appreciate my soccer team being so patient with me not playing in the games through the winter and not going to Dallas with them so I could come to New Zealand.

I almost don’t want today to end since I know I will feel a bit lost when it’s over but at the same time I can’t wait to get into the arena and show the world what I can do.  Whatever is meant to be will be and I’ll just have to accept the results whatever they are.

Wish me luck and thanks again everyone for your support.  You all got me here!!!!  Off to bed.


16 thoughts on “I Compete Tomorrow and it Feels Like Christmas Eve!”

  1. Good Luck, whatever the outcome, you make us proud. Now go get it and don’t look back. Go Kayla Go

  2. YEAH KAYLA – Congrats you did awesome!
    It was so exciting to watch you. Tough to figure out at first which ring was which on the live feed but it worked. We had 2 laptops running – one on your ring and one with the comments.
    We are all so proud of you! Now focus on patterns. It will be around 9:00pm here but we will be watching! Love you Girl!

  3. Kayla,

    Congrats on your silver. We got to watch all three rounds and it sure appeared that you dominated the final round. We gave you the gold!!
    Good luck in the next events.

  4. 24105 Female Junior Sparring Hyper over 60kg
    1 Turnes, Daiana Argentina
    2 Maduk, Kayla Canada
    3 Kobayakawa, Ruri USA
    3 Halvorson, Taylor Canada

    Congrats Kayla

  5. Congrats Kayla!! You did it. We just saw the medal presentations and were cheering for you!!

  6. Doesn’t look like your power events will be on live feed – Still watching the results close as we know you will kick butt! Hope I can stay away for your patterns…..The boys had to go to bed!!!! Go Kayla!

  7. We just watched your first round of patterns live – YOU WERE AWSOME. this is so exciting~~!! Keep going Were are proud of you Kayla!!

  8. Winner of quarterfinals…. way to go!! We were just saying “how the heck does she remember all those moves?” keeper goin :)!!

  9. DID YOU HEAR US SCREAMING YOU WORLD CHAMPION YOU!?!?!!!!!!!! What pressure! was that a win in over-time?? We REALLY LOVED your reaction too – we were right there with you Kayla Grace.
    Go Kayla Go Canada!!!!!!
    Congrats honey 😀

  10. Kayla,

    Congrats on your gold medal in patterns – we are so proud of you!! Enjoy the moment and take no prisoners in the team events!!

    Doug, Janice and Tyler

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