How to Work Through Injuries

Everyone is QUICK to say ‘injuries are all part of being an athlete’.  However, when you are the athlete with the injury there is NOTHING QUICK about it 🙁

Two weeks ago while I was in a soccer game I got kicked hard in the ankle and as a result I also rolled it at the same time.  After giving it a week of rest with no improvement I had x-rays to rule out the possibility of any chips or fractures.  It ends up that I have an injured deltoid ligament due to an inversion compression force.  The synovium has been irritated and is inflamed and my tibialis posterior is also strained.  My ankle is also bruised from the impact.

Any coach will tell you that once you find a good network of sports doctors and a physiotherapist you should stick with them!  I feel very lucky to have found a doctor who has me on a good recovery plan.  Dr. Anthony Aiello works out of the Louis Riel Sport Medicine Centre which is also where I train with the Lions Club.  He really understands that I can’t afford to sit around and wait to get better.  I need to keep my strength and cardio during an injury so I can get back as quickly as possible.  I’ve never had a doctor give me such detailed exercises before combined with ART massage, acupuncture, and  TENS.

Ice, Ice and More Ice 🙂
Gotta Say I'm NOT a fan of the 7 Needles in My Foot!
Love This Spider Tech Tape for Support

Everyday, I chart my exercises and progress so I don’t get discouraged.   Dr. Aiello really wants me to record all the little improvements so he can pin point what to work on.  In order to maintain my cardio and strength I  use the stationary bike and weights every day.  My javelin coach Bill Heikkila, sends me videos regularly to watch so I’m still learning and has me doing as many of the drills that we normally do that don’t require any pivoting. It’s really nice to have the support of coaches. My soccer coaches and team mates have been great but I can’t stand sitting on the sidelines as they play. I’m freaking out a bit about TKD since I miss it so much.  Just about everything I do in TKD requires the full ankle movement.

Since I can’t participate in gym class I am able to go to the attached community sports centre where they have a full gym/weight room and work on my own.  I was really happy that they agreed to let me go.

Dr. Aiello put on this amazing bright blue tape called ‘Spider Tech’.  It’s waterproof and you keep in on for about a week.  I’m afraid what it’s going to feel like when he takes it off in a couple of days since my ankle feels so much more secure with it on.  It’s better than a brace since it doesn’t limit your movement but it gives you the support.

I’m sure if I do everything I’m told and keep a positive mind set knowing that I’m still at least doing some sort of training I will be back to normal soon.  I have way too many big goals that I’m working towards for this to get in my way.

5 thoughts on “How to Work Through Injuries”

  1. Hang in there – I am sure it is tough for you to be able to give all sports your 100% – but you will be back at it all soon.

  2. Sounds like your in good hands….!! Hope you are back on both feet strong & in no time…!! Good Luck !!!

  3. Hi great website you got going right here. I attend a Personal Trainer in darling point and I am always searching around for interesting sources of information and resources or training programs etc to send on to my fitness instructor. He has a Personal Trainer darling point site which you can look at and read and observe some of the fitness activities we do and things to see in Oz 🙂 If your ever in darling point Australia, you should stop and say hello to us we are close to the CBD. Cheers mate!

    • Thanks for checking out my website. Too bad I didn’t know about you when I was in Australia last March on my way to New Zealand. It’s nice to connect with people from all around the world. Happy New Year!

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