Highlights of the 2011

2011 was the best year of my life so far!  I love looking back at my blog over the last 12 months to remember all the amazing experiences I’ve had.  Things happen so fast so it’s really important to me to have a record of the events so I can truly appreciate everything that I’ve been so fortunate to experience.

All my Taekwon-Do dreams came true. I met and trained with the most amazing people from all around the world. I challenged myself to do things that I didn’t think were possible. I tried new activities like guitar, singing and song writing.  I even did a lot of public speaking and interviews. I’m working really hard on new sports like Javelin. I played on team sports and individual sports since both have their benefits.  I’ve tried to give back to my community by coaching and fundraising for charities that I believe are important. I was especially pleased with maintaining my good grades in school during such a busy year.  Thank you to everyone that has contributed in any way for such an amazing year!


  • Hosted a huge successful fundraiser for the World Championships at the Legion in Barrhaven
  • Trained with the National Team and the Team’s sport’s physchologist to prepare for New Zealand (Best Birthday ever!)
  • Trained around the clock every day with Mr. LeGrow and Miro Mostovac to prepare for competition.  I was so lucky to have them to train with and share the whole experience.
  • Ms. Trigger spent so much time coaching me on Power Breaking


  • Had to handle three rounds of antibiotics for my bronchittis. Had to work really hard on staying positive before competition and work on my visualization skills.  This was probably the hardest thing to overcome in all my training.  I couldn’t let all the doubts creep in so close to leaving.


  • Had last training session with Master Laquerre from Quebec before competition which helped get rid of any last minute jitters.
  • Blackburn TKD had an amazing farewell ‘good-luck’ dinner for Mr. LeGrow, Miro Mostovac and me.
  • Received the most thoughtful gifts, cards, and letters from everyone before I left.  I’ve never felt that much support in all my life.
  • Had the priviledge to meet Kevin Frost – blind and deaf speed skater.  He was very inspirational and we still keep in touch.
  • WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS – my life long dream came true by winning the Junior 2nd Degree Pattern World Champion title
  • Silver medal for Sparring
  • Silver medal for Team Power Breaking
  • Had the pleasure of exploring New Zealand and truly enjoyed every single second of the trip with my whole family.
  • Met several polititians, gave speeches, and had lots of interviews when I got home


  • Interviews continued with newspapers and I gave a speech at a Visalus meeting, a Royal Canadian Legion meeting and was talked about at the Legislative Assembly of Ontario in Queen’s Park Toronto by Ms. Lisa MacLeod
  • Track and field started at John McCrae High school
  • I was a guest at Trigger’s TKD to assist with their black belt testing
  • Coached several coloured belts from two different school to help prepare them for the Eastern TKD Championships
  • Applied and was accepted to attend the Leadership Camp for John McCrae High School


  • gold in sparring at Canadian Eastern TKD Championships
  • gold in patterns at Canadian Eastern TKD Championships
  • coached at Canadian Eastern TKD Championships
  • played on the John McCrae High School Varsity Soccer Team
  • Overal Midget Female Athlete at the National Capital Secondary School Track and Field Meet
  • Overal Midget Female Ahtlete at the Ottawa West High School Track and Field Meet
  • Broke City Javelin Record for my age group
  • Qualified for all three thowing events at OFSAA


  • won the bronze medal for shot put at OFSAA in Sudbury.
  • overextended my knee in soccer which required complete rest
  • started the OYSL Soccer league travelling to Toronto for most of our games all summer long
  • trained with the US national TKD coach from California and three of their team mates that I was with in New Zealand


  • After two intense years of training for the Worlds my motto for this summer was ‘it’s all about the experience’ 🙂
  • I travelled to Montreal to visit and train with my TKD buddies for a week
  • Instructed at the TKD summer camp
  • Travelled with the soccer team to Toronto  5 times plus our home games and had a blast and enjoyed the high level of soccer that we competed against at the Provincial level


  • August was all about soccer, soccer and more soccer 🙂
  • I went to support my friends at duathlons and track events and I kept noticing how much it appealed to me.


  • Back to high school and loved playing on the JMSS varsity basketball team.
  • Was introduced to former Olympian Bill Heikkila who agreed to coach me for the Javelin – very exciting.
  • Trained privately with Bill to see if this is something that I wanted to continue to take seriously or if he thought I had any potential.
  • Trained with Grand Master Lan from Germany for a two day TKD seminar.  He is so insightful and wise.  I love being in his presence and he helped me make some important decisions.
  • Trained with several instructors from California and Conneticut for two days.
  • Celebrated Blackburn TKD 10th Anniversary.  Congratulations.
  • Soccer season finished – unfortunately our team was relegated from OYSL back to the Regional level for next year.  It just means that we have to work hard all winter and place well next summer so we can return to the OYSL level.
  • I was a guest and participated in a demonstration at Black Belt Excellence TKD fundraiser for the Ottawa Royal Mental Health Hospital and met Councillor Hubly and Ottawa Mayor Watson.
  • I was selected by my high school teachers to help lead the ‘Live it Up’ program at school.  The program is designed to help promote healthy lifestyles both mentally and physically on an ongoing basis.  The City of Ottawa has a staff that comes in to help use design the program as well.


  • Tried-out and made the OSU Force soccer team.  We have 6 new girls for the winter training session so it will be interesting to see how the team develops and gets stronger.
  • Signed up for the Lion’s Track and Field Club and started to train twice a week – love it!
  • Started guitar and singing lessons.  I can’t stop practicing since I love it so much.  I’ve been writing songs as a way of expressing myself.
  • Trained with a World Champion MMA fighter, Rich ‘Ace’ Franklin for a day seminar.  It was amazing to meet him and learn some of his hand drills for speed.
  • Attended the two day International Instructors Course in Halifax.  Another definite highlight of the year!  It was great to train with Grand Master ( Germany),  Grand Master Morano (Argentina), Master Norman (Alberta), Master Laquerre (Quebec) and six other Masters from the States.  The room was full of the best TKD practitioners in the world so it was so inspiring.  When I got home all I wanted to do was train more 🙂
  • Attended academic awards ceremony  for the report cards from Spring 2011 –  I received:
  1. Honour Society – Awarded to students who obtain an average of 80% or better in eight subjects
  2. Outstanding Achievement Award – Healthy Active Living 2010-2011
  3. John McCrae Secondary School Bulldog Pride Award – awarded to one student at each grade level who demonstrated the achievement of a goals that are in keeping with the spirit of Bulldog Pride such as exemplary citizenship, academic perseverance, co-operation and commitment.
  • I was especially proud of these awards since I had to work so hard to keep my marks up as well as all the extra training while I prepared for the World Championships.


  • Basketball season ended
  • Winter soccer started
  • Indoor track started
  • Helped coach students to prepare for the Blackburn TKD tournament
  • Injured my ankle in soccer but had great phsyiotherapy with Dr. Aiello and I actually feel stronger with all the excercises he suggested
  • Worked out at the gym every day instead of doing my phys-ed class to maintain my cardio and weight training


  • I really started to see an improvement with the javelin throwing.  Love working with Bill and all the other throwers
  • Was a guest and was part of a TKD demonstration at Samguk TKD in Montreal
  • Was unable to do any kicking (meaning sparring and soccer) due to ankle injury
  • My soccer team went to Florida to compete in the Disney Showcase tournament

Happy New Year everyone!!!!  I have so many personal goals that I’ve set for 2012 and I can’t wait to see how things turn out.