Henry Larsen E.S. Guest Speaker

I am starting off the New Year with a Bang! Let’s Go 2014! Something I would really love to do this year is continue speaking. I was thrilled to be invited to Henry Larsen Elementary School to share my story and experiences from my World Championship Journeys.


 I gave 2 presentations to about 200 students. One for students of grades 4-6 and then a second for students of grades 7 and 8. I loved it because both presentations were different due to  the age of the students and what stages they were at in their lives.

I always find it fascinating that each time I do a presentation, it evolves and changes because so have my life experiences. I am always updating it.


I was especially excited for these presentations because I have completely revamped my presentation. I focus on a goal achieving cycle that I have created while sharing my own storylines along the way. I have added a few elements and Key Ideas such as focusing on the concept of “Moments” and how life, or any journey to achieving a goal is simply a series of moments, and when you can string them together, you can create your own “Momentum” to success, and happiness. I show a power point, and I completely updated its look as well so I was very excited to share it.


I really enjoy giving these presentations. At the end of each, there is time for questions. I am constantly amazed with the curiosity of the students. The idea of following your dreams, setting out to accomplish something, working towards it and becoming the best possible version of yourself are topics that youth are interested in! They want to learn and talk about them!


My favorite part of the afternoon was when everything was done, after each presentation, about 15 students came up and started having conversations with me. I took it as a big compliment that they felt comfortable enough to come and talk to me one on one about their personal questions. I found it extremely impressive how each person who came up to me, had a different question based on something they picked up from the presentation. They all picked up on different things and I mean little details.  They either wanted advice or to comment on something they related to or liked. I really enjoyed talking with them and getting to know their stories, goals and direct feedback!


I look forward to doing more presentations and interacting with more aspiring youth this year! I have lots of goals and ideas to make this year full of AMAZING MOMENTS!

Join me on my 2014 journey!