Great Week of Training

I am getting into a comfortable training groove.  I know what I need to do at home to get stronger and more flexible and then I have my training 4 times a week.  I’m really working on my flexibility for one of the movements in my pattern ‘Juche’ so it looks better. Some people are naturally just more flexible but it’s something that I really have to work at.  I have a whole routine that I do and I already feel a difference.

On Saturday after training, I stayed after to do some extra training on my own.  It’s nice to have a large area to move around freely for patterns.   Mack was testing for his blue belt with two other students so I helped out a little but.  It’s helpful to have someone spar with the students and hold board so the instructor can focus on the student’s techniques while he is grading them.

It’s fun to see how excited everyone is when they receive their new belt.  There is a lot of theory and several definitions that you must know about  Taekwon-Do as well so it’s not just a physical test.  Congratulations Mack!

Board Breaking is Part of the Test
A Proud Moment for Mack
Receiving a New Belt is So Exciting

Soccer is also getting a lot better at each practice. I like doing all the foot drills and the cardio drills using the ladders, hurdles and sprints since that also helps with my speed in Taekwon-Do.   Our team (and parents) have been recently doing a whole lot of  fundraising (bottle drives, raffles and selling chocolate bars) to help with some of the soccer travel expenses.  Our team is going to Dallas, Texas but I won’t be going with them since I will just be getting back from New Zealand when they leave and it’s just too much money with all my TKD expenses.

I started to plan a huge fundraiser evening for my trip to New Zealand.  It will be February 6th in Barrhaven and it’s going to be amazing.   I’ll fill you in with the details as soon as they are firmed up.

Soccer Mom's Helping to Raise Money for the Soccer Team