Going to OFSAA Track and Field Next Week

Today at the Eastern Ontario Track and Field meet I competed in Shot Put, Discus and Javelin.  The weather was absolutely gross.  It was cold and it never stopped raining!  I’m not saying that to complain or make excuses since it was the same disadvantage for everyone but it sure took some of the fun out of it.  The equipment was slippery, the puddles were deep and the wind didn’t help with the throws either.  I just want to see what I can do in good conditions.

Last night I over extended my knee in soccer so that was always on my mind.  My teacher taped it up first thing in the morning and that seem to help stabilize it.  I was worried about the spinning in Discuss and the running part in Javelin.

the tensor really helped my knee

My first event was shot put.  It’s probably my strongest and most consistent of the events.  It was cool seeing new girls from schools as far away as Kingston, Renfrew, and Thousand Islands.  I won first place in shot put.

Then it was off to discus.  I’ve worked really hard on this event but I think it’s the most technical of the three throws.  It needs both technique and strength.  I have a lot to learn with this one.  It’s amazing how everyone seems to have their own style.  A grade 12 student has been helping me with discus since he has a lot of experience in it and he is really good.

So many people offered me coaching tips all day.

Thanks for all your help Mike. It really helped!

I ended up in 4th place for discus.  Although I didn’t throw my personal best today I was just happy to qualify for my second event for OFSAA.

My final event was the javelin.  This is probably my favorite of the throws just because it is so satisfying when you have a really far throw.  There is a real grace to it and not just strength.  I’ve noticed the body types are different for Javelin from Shot Put as well.  A girl lent me her spikes to wear.  I’ve never worn spikes  before but the track was so slippery that they really made a difference with the grip.  I felt more confident wearing them.  My knee at this point was throbbing from being sore and cold and the running wasn’t as smooth as I would have liked.

I won 2nd place for Javelin which means I get to compete in all three events in Sudbury next week.  I had 3 teachers and my Vice-Principal with me all day and they were so supportive and encouraging.

Ms. Corner-Gardener, Ms. Rusch, Ms. Ver Hallen and Mr. Barnabe

Ms. Rusch has spent so many hours before school coaching me for these events.  Thanks so much for giving your own time.