Getting a Kick Start in Training for 10KM Race

Today I was asked to give an inspirational talk to a grade 12 fitness class.  Throughout the next few months, they will be running, going to the gym, doing yoga and a variety of other sports/training sessions.  At the end of the semester, their summative is to run a 10km race in Barrhaven.  For some of them, this will be a great challenge. Others will have an easier time with it. It is cool to look in the room and see elite athletes, people that just like to stay fit and then some that are taking on an adventure.


Because it’s the beginning of the semester, I wanted to talk to them about goal setting and achieving, and moments.  Throughout the semester there will be tons of “moments” and I wanted to encourage them to create moments, share them and appreciate them. Behind every BIG MOMENT, there is a series of little ones.  This is the important time.  They will learn something every single time they go running or do their cross training. The special part is learning how to embrace the whole journey.

I provided the teacher (Ms. Rusch) and each student with a booklet that I created to help them with their goal setting.  These will come in handy if they want to go back and take a look at certain aspects of the presentation or the 5 step goal achieving process.

Giving the presentation was a bit stressful for me since it was the first time I’ve talked about this material in front of my peers at my own high school. Most of them know me but have never seen my in this role before.  Somehow it’s easier talking to strangers since they only see me a guest speaker and not someone who sits beside them in class or sees them in the hallway.

Every time I do something like this I have to adapt and adjust to the age of the group, type of group, number of people and length of time for the presentation.  Some presentations are more ‘hands on’ and some are more talking with a power point presentation.  This is what makes it so fun for me. I continue to be fascinated how my presentation changes each time as my perspective does as well.

I really hope that they got something out of today and hopefully some of my tips will help them as they cross the finish line 🙂

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  1. Good job Kayla. This is all great practice for you as you become a keynote speaker/coach that will be in demand all over the world. (Just wanted to make sure you continue to think BIG!)

    Love ya!

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