Fun Training over Easter Weekend

Saturday I spent 5 hours at the dojang.  At the beginning I trained one-on-one with Mack.  Last month when our dojang did a fundraiser for Mr. LeGrow I donated 2 hours of private training for people to bid on.  Mack’s mom bought my training time so I wanted to make sure Mack had a good work out.  He trained really hard and I see a big improvement in him.

Good Job Mack


Then I helped with the coloured belt competition training.  It’s so fun to see how they are getting so excited for the upcoming tournament.

Once everyone left I had a chance to work on my own patterns.  It felt awesome!  It was the first time since I’ve been back from Worlds to really do my patterns full force.  I’ve been having lots of little injuries on my ankles.  The rest did them good.  I’m still waiting to get x-ray results but I’m sure they are fine.  I just have a few more physio appointments booked for this week.

Since my soccer team is still in Dallas I trained with another team and that was a lot of fun.  It’s always cool to learn new drills from different coaches.  I want to show them to my coach when he gets back since I think they will help our team.

It was still nice out so I went back to the track.  I want to take every advantage of the equipment while I have it and I know that once school starts again I won’t have the chance except at track practice.

It was starting to get dark so I knew it was time to finally go home.  I had spent the entire day doing my three favorite things: Taekwon-do, Soccer and then Track and Field.

Happy Easter!

I LOVE chocolate but I’m trying to be good so my mom made chocolate covered strawberries for Easter Morning.


After brunch my family including grandpa went to the track.  My Grandpa loves being outside in the fresh air.  I had fun playing soccer with my dad while mom and Grandpa walked the track.  My grandpa used to do a lot of track and field in high school and college so he was dying to give me some advice.

I think I got my love for sports from my Grandpa
He's still got it!

It was a great day and now I’m looking forward to a nice Easter dinner with everyone.  Happy Easter Everyone!!!!

Thanks for all your help dad.