Fairwell Potluck Dinnner at the Dojang

Sunday night the parents of Blackburn TKD hosted a really nice pot luck dinner to send Mr. LeGrow, Mr. Mostovac and myself off to compete. We are the three competitors from Ontario on the National Team.  I had my fundraiser party a few weeks ago and now it was time to help Mr. LeGrow.

I can’t seem to stop crying during all these very touching and complimentary speeches.  I love training more than anything so it feels weird when people say they are inspired by what I’m doing.  To me, I’m just having fun.  I donated a few hours of personal training in the silent auction the same way that Ms. Triggers did for me at my fundraiser.  I’m really looking forward to working with Mack (who is 9 yrs old and then with Mrs. Hodgens who is also a second degree black belt).

I feel so proud wearing my tracksuit

Receiving a Plague from MPP Phil McNeely
The plaque was for Mr. LeGrow, me and Miro

I'm So Glad My Grandpa Can Share This With Me!
Blackburn TKD Wouldn't Be the Same Without Greg 🙂
Getting Interviewed by Fred Sherwin of 'Orleans Online'
Receiving a Gift Basket from City Councilor Mr. Rainer Bloess

Thanks everyone making another very special night. I don’t want this journey to end.  It’s been so much fun.

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  1. So happy to hear that your trip to Syracuse went well. By the ime you receive this, you will be well on your way to New Zealand. Remember, that I will ALWAYS LOVE YOU !!
    Kayla, please keep in touch by email or through your BLOG. Remember “Flit like a butterfly and sting like a bee”. Have FUN!!!!!

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