ERSL East Region Cup Soccer Semi-Finals

The East Region Cup is a single game elimination competition played throughout the season for teams playing in the Ontario East Region Soccer League.  On Sunday evening we played in the Semi-Finals (OSU Force G14L3  vs. NHS Selects G15L3).  They are a year older than my team.

Since I was so exhausted from completing the three day Taekwon-Do Course I was really worried about having enough energy to play but I knew how important this particular game was.  If we lost this game it would be sudden death but if we won we would continue on to the final Cup game in September.

I was able to catch a couple hours sleep and have a healthy dinner between the two events.  When I went to put on my cleats I thought my feet weren’t going to fit in.  They are so bruised from all the stomping in bare feet from the last three days.  Not a good feeling!

Once I got to the field I somehow got my second bust of energy and was really excited to play.

I normally play defense but in the second half my coach put me up in striker position for a while and it was an absolute blast.   I played the entire game and to be honest I was running on sheer adrenaline. I really couldn’t feel my legs.

At half time we were losing but we pulled it together as a team and ended in a tie.   Since it was a tournament game there had to be a winner so we went into shoot outs.   I was so relieved when my penalty shot went in!    All my teammates were linked arm in arm for support and it was a great feeling when the last ball went in and we ended up winning.

The Final for the Cup Game is September 19th.

I can’t tell you how happy I was to get to bed that night! ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

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