Eastern Canadian TKD Championships – Double Gold

I’m a little behind in my blog posts because I’ve been so busy so here it goes…… ūüôā

I didn’t follow my normal training routine at all leading up to the Eastern Canadian Championships which made me a bit nervous.

In May I volunteered every Sunday for private coaching in lieu of a $25 donation for the Relay for Life to support The Canadian Cancer Society.  I loved this coaching since the people that signed up really wanted to be there and wanted help with specific things.  When I coach it forces me to be on my toes, show proper technique and look at aspects of the martial art differently in relation to who I am working with.  I also felt good knowing the money was going to a good cause.



At the Relay for Life I also taught 2 kick boxing classes through the night.  It was so much fun but a lot of prep-work choreographing and thinking of drills that would appeal to people that have never done any TKD before.

I was so happy how many people joined in the classes at midnight ūüôā
We are all touched by Cancer in some way ūüôĀ

Mr. Legrow organized and hosted an amazing Master Class Seminar with 2 Masters from New¬†York (Master Suarez and Master Affatigato) as well as Master Kou, my previous instructor of 10 years. ¬†It’s always so much fun learning and getting inspired by other Masters since¬†they all have their own¬†skills that they want to share.¬†¬†The passion for TKD in the room is contagious!¬† This was perfect to get me in the right mind set for the Easterns.¬† Thank you Mr. Legrow for making this seminar happen.



Master Kou lead the fitness portion of the seminar


Master Suarez lead the patterns portion of the Seminar



Mastter Affatigato  lead the self-defence portion of the seminar
To finish of the seminar Master Suarez led us through lots of sparring foot work drills


I also helped Mr. Legrow with a Black Belt test since one of my good friends Ki Benson was testing for her 2nd degree and she wanted me to do the step sparring portion and be her sparring partner during the test.

Step Sparring
Congratulations on your 2nd Degree promotion, Ms. Ki Benson


Since I hadn’t been doing my normal training I was feeling a little bit insecure with my patterns. Since Mr. Legrow was out of town¬†last weekend he agreed¬†that I could go train¬†in Gatineau with Mr. Parent (one of the National Coaches).¬† It was awesome since¬†the Woman’s¬† Canadian¬† Patterns¬†Team¬†was also having a training season.¬† It was nice doing my patterns¬†for ¬†Mr. Parent and beside some of his talented students. It’s always beneficial to do patterns beside new people to get¬†out of our comfortable state.¬†Doing¬†patterns in front of Mr. Parent is always great¬†too to add some¬†nerves because I really respect his opinion.¬†¬†¬†He made lots of little corrections which can be a bit overwhelming a week before a sanctioned tournament but I was very thankful for them.

Since my work and school schedule were so busy I wasn’t’ able to get to the dojang as much as I normally do so I did my own fitness and cardio drills on my own at the park.¬† Cross training is just as important to make sure you have the endurance to go through several rounds of patterns and sparring in competition.

I was very excited to go drive to Nova Scotia. It takes about 12 hours each way.¬†. I couldn’t wait to see all my friends and I know my parents were just as excited to see their¬†friends too.¬† Not only is it great to compete but its a great social life.

I always wear my custom hoodie for warm-ups but I hate having to take my custom bracelets off to compete.

This was my first sanctioned event in the adult category (ages 18-34).¬† Since I just moved up to the adult division I didn’t have any points to get me into the final round robin at Nationals in November.¬† I needed to go and win!¬† I¬† put a lot of pressure on myself and it was a bit unsettling that I didn’t feel in top form mentally going in.

All morning I was the centre ref and I had so much fun.¬† I actually love judging and I take it seriously since I know how much I depend on fair and accurate judging when I’m competing.


For patterns I was going up against women that have competed on the National Team for years and I have the utmost respect for them.¬† I knew it was going to be a really tough division.¬† After I competed I felt more comfortable and felt that I was ready for the adult division.¬† I KNOW I have a lot to perfect before Nationals and I’m really looking forward to it.


In sparring I was most proud of¬†adapting my strategy and still spar my own¬†way.¬† Since the floor mats were brand new they were extremely slippery so I had to think quickly how to keep my game plan but adapt to the mats.¬†The footwork I usually do to control the distance was slightly harder without traction¬†from the mats so I had to figure something out :P. ¬†I even put hair spray on the bottom of my feet to make them more sticky although unfortunately it didn’t help me as much as I would have liked.

I’m told Coke works even better than hairspray to make your feet sticky on slippery mats




I really missed Mr. Legrow not being able to be there as my coach.¬† One of my old training buddies (another member of the National Team) jumped in to coach me since you have to have a coach or you can’t compete.¬† Thank you Mr. Shane Lynch.



There were 4 students from Team Blackburn at the tournament and we all helped each other out. It was nice going with a little group. ūüôā We all did well and had a fun time!

Lisa Perry, James Perry and Pierce Rogers from Blackburn TKD

Thank you Mr. Ripley for hosting this years Eastern Canadian Championships. Without¬†you,¬†¬†and your countless volunteers, athletes like me don’t get to go and compete and have these awesome experiences. The venue was great and it was well organized.

I look forward to seeing everyone again at Nationals in November! Happy Training! ūüôā