Donation to the Ronald McDonald House

Today I donated 14 of my custom colour Believe hoodies to the Ronald McDonald House at the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario.  They will be selling the hoodies to the mom’s, so while they are visiting their children at the hospital they will get a nice warm inspirational hug.  The colour is bright and cheery which is so important to the well-being of the children and everyone around them.  Mom’s need a little treat too during a very difficult time.


100% of the proceeds will go towards new toys in the Ronald McDonald House.  This was my second visit to the house and it’s amazing how many children are living there with their families. As I arrived, there was a family moving in to the house and the cutest little girl. Her HUGE smile melted my heart.  As I saw some other kids and family members I couldn’t help but notice that everyone ‘looked’ happy under the circumstances. There is such a warm and loving atmosphere in the  house. It just puts everything in perspective and reminds me to always be grateful.


I feel really good knowing that this is a win/win situation – the moms will get to wear amazing Believe hoodies and their children will get new toys from the proceeds.  This is their home away from home during treatments so the nicer it can be for them, the better.  It’s amazing how a new toy can put a smile on a child’s face.


The administrative staff at the Ronald McDonald House will update me with how much they were able to raise with the hoodies and what they are able to buy so I can also let you know 🙂

I have worked at McDonalds for almost three years now since they have also sponsored me in my last two World Championships and they were very accommodating to fit my work schedule into my extremely busy training schedule ( not to mention school schedule).

That is also another reason why I am interested in the Ronald McDonald House.  Here is a short video that McDonald’s restaurant created to show at their National Conference. Click on the photo to view the video.