Difference Makers

Like everyone else, I’m glued to the TV watching the Olympics.  I get so excited seeing the successes and I love to hear all the stories behind the scenes about what the athletes go through to achieve their goals.  It totally inspires me. 

I have to admit I get so angry when I hear the commentators and  fans criticize the athletes who don’t perform as expected.  I can say first hand that competing on the International Stage can be extremely stressful and the athletes don’t need to be put down – they need our support.  They have sacrificed so much for their entire lives and it’s such a huge achievement just to be an Olympian.  The average person has no idea what athletes go through on a daily basis mentally and physically to reach their goals.  If you ask any athlete they will tell you it’s totally worth it but everyone is human and everyone has moments when things don’t go as well as hoped.

You don’t have to be an Olympian to have ‘Difference Makers’ in your lives.  Who is your ‘Difference Maker’ and have you acknowledge them so they know? If not, take the time to acknowledge them now!

I have had tons of ‘Difference Makers’ because I have so much support. I have great friends, understanding and supportive school teachers, incredible coaches and the most amazing community behind me. If I had to pick a certain person or people I would have to say that my ‘Difference Makers’ are my parents though.  They have been there for me every single day but more importantly they have taught me that I can learn from every situation and every person that I meet.  They have taught me that if I set a goal for myself it’s important to work with the ‘right’ people to reach my goal.  They have taught me that everyone in the world has something special to offer and I just have to have an open mind and be ready to learn from others.  They keep reinforcing how important it is  that I only use the information/instruction that will be good for me and ignore everything else.  Being ‘good’ for me doesn’t necessarily mean I like it but it’s what I need 🙂  I’ve had some of the best world class instructors, coaches, personal trainers and training partners, doctors and physio therapists.  My parents have been the best Sports Psychologists and Life Coaches for MY needs.  They know when to push me and when to let me do it ‘my way’.  My parents have taught me that I have to think for myself and stay true to myself.  They have helped me through good times and difficult times. They taught me that if I want something, I need to work for it and put my heart and soul into it.   More importantly my parents have been there when I was standing on the podium and they have been there holding my hand when I lose and helped me move forward.  That is true support.  Thanks Mom and Dad xoxoxo


2 thoughts on “Difference Makers”

  1. What great words & very moving testimonial…it is so nice to have a child who is deeply & sincerely appreciative…! My son often tells me too…& it is the best gift you children can ever give us…!

  2. Ça m’a fait bien réfléchir ce que tu as écrit.. Ces personnes sont tellement importantes c’est fou et font tellement la différence.. Il faut vraiment en prendre soin
    P.s i wrote in french because in english it would be too long and not understandable at all :p

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