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What an INCREDIBLE 12 hours!!!!!

My TKD instructor Mr. LeGrow,  invited me to join him along with another student (Pierce Rogers) from the dojang to go on the Day Time Talk Ottawa TV show on Rogers Cable.  The whole interview was only about 8 minutes long and it went so fast.  It was frustrating when they asked me questions because I could have talked for hours to explain things more but it’s hard to know what to say in a few short minutes.  We will be getting a copy of the recording and when I do I will post it.



Kayla Maduk


Kayla Maduk

Mr. LeGrow teaches a fitness boot camp during the lunch hour a couple times a week at the Scotia Bank Place (Home of the Senators Hockey Team).  Since we were together anyway I went with him and Pierce.  I’ve done it a couple times with him before and it’s always a blast.  The boot camp is for staff, management and even some of the wives/girlfriends of the Senators Hockey players.   The energy is always high and it’s fun to work out with different people.  Hopefully they can get a little taste of some of the drills that we do in TKD.  I wish my high school was closer so I could join them on my lunch hour.


Kayla Maduk

Kayla Maduk

Kayla Maduk

Kayla Maduk








I love the feeling I get when I am in a huge empty stadium like the Scotia Bank Place.  This building holds 18,000 fans. Two years ago I spent time visualizing in this very building with Grand Master Lan from Germany before the 2011 World Championships.  Today I took a few minutes to just be in the bowl by myself and relive the feeling I had in New Zealand.  It was the best feeling in the world.  It affects all my senses.  I can relive the feeling, the sounds, the sights and even the smells.  I don’t get nervous at all.  I just get excited.  I like to visualize myself doing patterns down on the centre ring.  I like to feel the rush you get when you know you’ve done the best you can.  I also like to visualize sparring and hearing all the excitement in the crowds.


Kayla Maduk

Then I had to race back for 1 hour of school before I had to leave for  my 3 hour track practiceWeight training was awesome.  My javelin throwing felt a lot better than it did on Tuesday night so that made me very happy.  Shot Put and Discus also went really well.  We were throwing with different weighted implements so it’s always a challenge.  Next Saturday is my first indoor track meet.

Sorry no pictures of throwing practice.

To end this perfect day I went back to the dojang for another training session.  I helped Mr. LeGrow with sparring drills for the coloured belts and then I had a chance to do my own training with patterns.



Kayla Maduk

Thankfully with my new ‘Eating Clean’ diet I have the energy to keep going and I feel AWESOME!!!!  I also know I couldn’t have amazing days like this without the help and support of my parents.

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  1. Kayla,

    It’s nice to read about all the activities you do…you’re definitely on a ‘roll’ and the right path…!

    Enjoy ….!


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