Day Before Competition

Wednesday, October 23rd – weigh in day!

We had a large coach bus take the team everywhere.  We were up very early to go for weigh-ins at another hotel.  The USA team and a few others were staying there so it was a like a big reunion for me.  I have some really good friends on the other teams that I also train with so it was awesome seeing them.  Some of my team mates were looking at me wondering why I was hugging all the competitors.  One of the best things with competition at the international level is definitely making good friends from all around the world.  Facebook has been a huge help with building the friendships too.

After the team was all weighed in and registered, it was off to another training – this time it was at the venue.  It felt even better going back the second time 🙂

That night, I was extremely nervous! I have my set routine of things I do, how I pack my bag, I write in my journal and listen to relaxing music. I spent a lot of time standing on my balcony, looking out at the city lights of Benidorm. It was overwhelming to think that everything I had worked for was about to come down to the next few days.