Day 2 – IIC TKD Seminar

I was tired and sore from the first day but I was just as excited to get the second day going

In a seminar atmosphere there is a constant question and answer format just like in school.  The instructors never make you feel uncomfortable with your questions.  They know that we are all there to learn and improve.  Chances are someone else in the room has the same question anyway.

The self-defense portion taught by Grand Master Morano was very intense and so much fun since you never get to do this anywhere else.  I learned so much! When I learn all these self-defense tips, I feel alot safer.

All the self defense drills that we did were what you would use in real life if you had to protect yourself.  It’s not same as you would do in competitive sparring.  I was able to work with Mr. Ripley and that was a big high light for me since he is so knowledgeable in that area and showed me extra techniques.  As a girl it helps my confidence when I know that I can protect myself if necessary.  They kept stressing  –You learn to fight, so you don’t have to fight.

All the Masters and the Grand Masters are in the front row and then everyone from Ontario in the back row

Master Laquerre

Master Norman

Grand Master Lan

Grand Master Norman and my Mom

There were so many highlights of the seminar and the social parts of the weekend but the last night ended on a high note when a group of us had our last dinner at the Five Fishermans Restaurant.  I was so happy to be with friends from Quebec, Connecticut, and Alberta.   I was especially excited to sit beside Master Lajeunesse from Quebec who is also a psycho-sociologist and we discussed his latest articles that were published on the impact of how TKD patterns can be a way of communication and a way to realize things about yourself that you didn’t even know.  His concepts are really interesting and I wanted to learn more from him.  I was able to have an amazing conversation with him and I really enjoyed myself.  I still keep thinking about our conversation and how I can apply his concepts.

Master Lajeunesse

I didn’t want the night to end.  Everyone was so fun and interesting.  It was all amazing!

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