CTV Morning Live Interview with Kayla Maduk

Every time a World Championship rolls around there is lots of media and press. I am always surprised to get the call for an interview but I  enjoy sharing my passion with others. I really appreciate all of the Ottawa support.

It was very cool seeing all the different sets and all the cameras and monitors. It’s amazing how many people are running around behind the scenes wearing headsets and fine tuning last minute details.
I had a chance to talk to Jeff Hopper for a bit before we went on camera and he was super nice and easy to talk to
While I was talking they showed one video of my patterns in the Finals at the World Championship in Spain. We ran out of time to show any of my Sparring videos.
I wish the interview was longer since there was so much to talk about. The time went so fast. They asked me to go back for a follow up after Italy.

 Click here to Watch the Live Interview 🙂