Cross Training After an Injury

When it comes to returning to training after an injury, it’s really important to go about it properly. My first reaction is to jump into everything really hard since I’ve missed it so much and I just want to do everything but I have learned in the past that it’s crucial to ease back in.:)   I am happy to say that my Achilles tendon is fully recovered!!!

Over the Christmas break while most dojangs were closed, I made it my goal to get back into the physical shape needed to start my TKD training again.


Thankfully the gym at my university was opened during the majority of the break and the drop-in fees at the gyms near my house weren’t too expensive.  I went to our Community Centre, GoodLife and the Gym at Carleton University. I decided I would get my cardio, strength and flexibility back so I wouldn’t be discouraged when I went back to TKD!  I did a combination of spinning, yoga, weight lifting, box jumps, circuit training, and TRX.  I’ll start swimming this week as well at Carleton University.

Spinning is my favorite way to gain my cardio back quickly without any impact on my body.

I’ve made a game plan for the next 5 months to balance my of training schedule, school, studies, public speaking, work and seminars! Obviously I have to be flexible with the schedule since ‘life’ happens but I personally need to take charge of this or I get overwhelmed. It’s also crucial to peak at the right time and not too early so you have to be organized.

The next five months are going to be extremely busy so I want to be organized and efficient. Tomorrow I go back to school, so the journey to the Italy begins!

It’s nice having local gyms close to home. It makes it convenient for squeezing in a good workout in a busy day!
I loved how the gym at Carleton University was really quiet over the break since most students were home for the holidays. It can get pretty busy!

I have my first National training weekend January 17th in Quebec City so it’s time to get back to business! 🙂  It will be awesome meeting up with all my other National team mates.  This is when you realize how large geographically our country is.  We all have to train on our own with our Instructors and then we meet up with the National coaches for a few mandatory training weekends in different parts of Canada. They are always intense and one of my biggest highlights throughout the journey to a World Championships. We do a variety of fitness trainings, Patters, sparring, competition tactics and preparation and usually have a Sports Psychologist come in as well. I am really looking forward to it!