Closing Ceremonies of World Championships

It was so exciting but sad at the same time.  I just didn’t want the whole experience to be over.  I met so many incredible people from all around the world.  I got to talk to some of real TKD legends of all times.  It felt surreal being in the circle of these world class athletes and my coach Mr. LeGrow reminded me that now I was one too. He was very good at introducing me to everyone and that was extra special.  I have watched these people for years on their Youtube video’s learning and copying their sparring and pattern styles.

Team Blackburn at World Championships


In Awe of Jarek Suska - 5 Times World Champion


Mark Trotter - Another TKD Legend


Giving Grand Master Lan a Canadian Bracelet
I Just Love and Worship Grand Master Lan
Grand Master Lan likes to hug as much as my Grandpa does 🙂


The Polish Women's Team - Awesome!


Carl van Roon from New Zealand - Overall Male World Champion


Mr. LeGrow Introduces Me to Everyone


It’s funny how no countries speak to each other prior or during competition.  The organizing committee did a great job keeping the countries separated by booking them into different hotels and booking the training sessions at different times.

Now that it is over everyone mingled around and shared stories and addresses.  Everyone was trading their doboks, track suits or whatever else they had.  I was so glad that I brought a lot of stuff to trade.  It was a lot of fun.  People were quite aggressive for certain items.

It's So Much Fun Talking to Grand Master Lan. He is so Humble and Down to Earth
Nice To Relax With Some of My Teammates


Go Canada
The Australians Were Wild and Fun
Quite a few bruises, bandages, crutches, aches and pains but nothing too serious
Everyone Mingles

At the end of the Closing Ceremonies the New Zealand Male Team gave us a treat of their National Dance.  It was powerful and exciting.  The crowd went nuts.


No one went to bed after the ceremonies.  It was right off to the ‘after party’.  OMG it was fun.  It was weird being one of the youngest people there since it was for all ages.  It was quite an experience 🙂  Everyone has trained so hard for so many months, have made so many sacrifices to get here and now that it’s all over it’s time to relax, enjoy and celebrate.

Mr. David Kerr from Brazil
I had a lot of fun with my brother Greg there too
I was sooooo happy

At the airport no one wanted to say good-by.  I miss all my friends already.

See you again soon Alex!
Stephanie Boivin and I Were Inseperable the Whole Time
It Was Great Getting to Know Maxine Noel Better - You Rock

It took us 40 hours to get home and we are all exhausted with the time change and not going to bed for a couple days. When I got home my house was all decked out with posters, flags, balloons, streamers and cards.  Apparently my grandpa and cousins started it but then as the neighbours went by they kept adding things.  Very cool!


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  1. My boys added to the banners that were there. We had the idea but someone beat us to it. The kids added the gold medals and the painted signs were our touch too 🙂 It was fun.

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