Christmas Holiday Means Lots of Time to Train

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The holidays have been great so far since it means I can train whenever I want.  I really had some great training with the Men’s National Sparring Team –  Mr LeGrow (Hyper Weight), Miro Mostovac (Heavy Weight) and Aziz Abdellahi (Middle Weight).  We worked on some amazing sparring drills.  It’s so beneficial learning different strategies from different people.  People really don’t realize just how technical sparring is.  It’s not just a bunch of people in a ring punching and kicking.  It’s all about skill, timing and technique.  I was a bit intimidated sparring these men but it also helps me with my confidence and I’m lucky that they include me in everything.  Hopefully I won’t have anyone with their skill in my age division at Worlds 🙂

The Mens National Sparring Team and Me 🙂
Sparring With Aziz. He is so Fast!
Practicing Some of the Drills with Miro

Just when we thought we couldn’t train anymore from exhaustion, Mr. LeGrow asked us to help with  some of the classes. I was so sore the next day.  Thanks for coming to Ottawa Aziz to train with us.  It was so helpful! Thank you Mr. LeGrow for allowing us to train during the day when the dojang was closed.

I also had some great training with Miro at a dojang close to my house.  Ms. Trigger from Trigger’s TKD was very generous and allowed me to use her dojang over the holidays.  I wanted a place that I could just go and work on my patterns, stretch, do some yoga and work on my own.  Thank you Ms. Trigger.  It’s hard for my parents to drive 70km every time I want to train. I like to train during the day as much as possible.

Taking Turns With Punching Drills-Keeping an Eye on the Stop Watch
Now It's My Turn
My Soccer Coach Lent Me His Ladders to Work on Some Quick Foot Work. Thanks Kwame.
I Absolutely Love Kicking Drills
Miro Also Needs to Train for Special Techniques for the World Championships. He Can Really Fly!
It's Hard for Me to Get High Enough for Miro to Kick

Blackburn TKD also had a fun pot-luck Christmas party.

Christmas Hugs and Gifts From Other Students - Very Special!
Thanks For a Great Year Mr. LeGrow 🙂
Lots of Fun Hanging Out with Other TKD Friends - We're Just Like One Big Family
I Always Like Being Around Max Riopelle
Yes, We Even Did Karoake ! The Band was Great!!!

For Christmas I got a new pair of running shoes and a speed skipping rope so I’m excited to try them out tomorrow.