Cedarview Middle School Athletic Award Assembly

Wow, what a day!  This morning was spent cheering on my friends who won great awards for their achievements in Arts for the year.  I was so happy for them. Especially Kelsey

Just before the Athletic Assembly we had a 5.5 earthquake.  It was so weird feeling the building shake.  We were lucky that our school wasn’t evacuated like some of the other schools were.

The whole school gathered in the gym for the end of the year awards.  I was so excited to get MVP for football, soccer and co-MVP for basketball.  It’s hard for the coaches to choose since we have a really strong group of athletic girls in my grade and we are basically all on the same teams together.

Three girls and three guys in grade 8 earned the “Athletic Achievement Award’ this year.  It’s a hard award to get.  In order to earn it you have to rack up a total of 30 points or more over the three years of school.  Being on each team is worth 2 points, recreational sports are 1 point and volunteering is also worth 1 point.  It was fun to receive it with my good friends Katie and Jasmine.  We were given nice plaques.

Jasmine, Katie and Kayla receive Athletic Achievement Award

Then to end to the awards I also received Senior Female Athlete of the Year.  It is a huge honor!!!  As I said, I’m in a group of very athletic girls so I’m sure the coaches wished they could have given it to several other people as well.  I wasn’t really sure how to react.  I tend to keep my emotions inside but I was actually so happy and proud.

Receiving Senior Female Athlete of the Year

A tradition at our school is have great videos of all the school events of the year.  It’s a great way to end the year looking back at all the fun events and seeing all the faces of the school.

Part of me was sad since I know I’ll really miss Cedarview and all the great teachers!  It’s been a great school since there is something for everyone and anyone to do at Cedarview.   I’m also really excited for going to John McCrae High School next year, especially since most of my friends will be going to there too.   There will be so many new experiences and adventures. I can’t wait!

I Was so Happy my Brother Greg was There Too

2 thoughts on “Cedarview Middle School Athletic Award Assembly”

  1. Kayla – congrats on all your awards! Well earned.
    The boys are so excited only one day left of school.
    Cameron has been studying and practicing as he test for his blue stripe on Saturday.
    …..keep posting we love reading what you are up to.

  2. Wow Cameron, that is great news.

    I am unfortunately going to be out of town this weekend for a soccer tournament or I would have come by to see the test. It’s nice to hear that you are progressing well. It just feels like yesterday that I was teaching you in ‘Little Dragons’. Ms. Triggers is a great instructor so I’m sure you are well prepared and ready for your test.

    Please send me some pictures and let me know how it goes. Thanks for all your support. It’s nice knowing I have so many people encouraging me.

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