Black Belt Training

I had my MRI on Saturday and I’m really anxious to recieve the results on Thursday. I hope nothing shows up, but even then I still want to know why I’ve been in pain for so long.  I just want it fixed.  I’m done being injured!  Back in October when I first injured my ankle I was patient when I was told that I would be fine by January.  Now that we are February, the frustration is starting to sink in more.  I do feel very lucky that I’ve been able to do as much strength training and cardio training as possible so it won’t take long to catch up for lost time.

Mr. LeGrow holds a four hour black belt training each month for students in his school to really focus on patterns in more detail. I haven’t been able to participate the past few times so I decided to go on Sunday.  I’ve been going absolutely crazy without Taekwon-do.  I went and did some of the training and it felt so good to be back in my dobok :).  There are  several movements that I am not able to do and I certainly didn’t want to risk anything. I really made sure I wasn’t feeling any pain.

Mr. LeGrow did a really great job going into full detail. I am obsessed with making every movement absolutely perfect so whenever I get the chance to have my pattern picked I am a sponge taking everything in word for word.


Going through the motions of my patterns makes me feel so free and grounded.  You put every ounce of energy into each movement that your mind completely gets into the zone and you forget about everything else.  I can’t really explain how amazing it feels.  You just have to experience it yourself 🙂

Nothing feels better than doing a side kick and 180 reverse turning kick 🙂


I’m sure I’ll be 100% soon and then watch out….. 🙂